Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“Storage? Iota barely has enough to keep us running, and you think I have a stockpile?”
Razorclaw said, taken aback by the remark.

Spirit said nothing. Her mind going to the stockpile in her locked up quarters. Due to it being able to taste Energon she never used more then enough to keep functioning…as a result she ended up storing what she didn’t use in hr room.

“Look, all that matters is finding whatever punk decided to do this, so we can throw him to the dogs and get our energon back as soon as possible.”
Razorclaw said, not thinking much about what Sprirt said.

“Their queen visited here recently, something that has not happened before. From what the other Vex said, she doesn’t like this place - displeased as it put it. Iota has made some deal with the queen, though we were not able to learn the details of this deal. We know there is a deadline and the tournament is part of meeting those conditions. Attempted to find more, but we were unsuccessful. Obtained biological data on Vex to better determine our attacks on them as needed.” Came the lengthy reply from the tablet.

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“You sure that’s the best idea? I mean,” Spirit paused, “We won’t ever leave unless someone acts…”

OOC: Close, but not quite. The implication is that she’s on her way. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that.

“Alright. Well what did you find out then? Give me the details.”
Hotshot said.

“But unless someone gets turned in, we’re going to starve.”
Razorxlaw replied.

Oddball and Backbreaker exchanged worried glances.

“Yeah, that wasn’t part of the plan,” the gladiator says, turning back to Axis. Oddball looks down at the ground, devising a plan of his own to keep the Railroad minicons from being executed.

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Axis looked to her partner. She had seen Maximus feel a lot of different things but fear was very rarely one of them. She put an arm over the predacon’s shoulder and brought him close. Pulling Maximus into a comforting embrace.

“Hey. It’s going to be alright. We didn’t do anything, so we aren’t in any danger.”
Axis said comfortingly.

“But someone is. Someone here, probably someone we know, is going to die…”
Maximus said. The idea haunting him.

“Well… Sometimes that just happens. It’s scary, yeah. But its kinda how things are sometimes…”
Axis said. Trying her best to be supportive.

Maximus said nothing. He merely closed his optics and shuttered. Leaning into Axis’ arms.

“Lockjaw I swear to Primus you’ve raised him for who knows how long. Taught him everything he needed to know about being a slagging pirate. But couldn’t bother to teach him how to cope with death?”
Axis muttered. Though not quietly enough. Maximus shuttered again.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean that. It’s going to be alight.”
Axis said hastily. She began to gently pet the top of his head as he leaned harder into her embrace. This was very clearly a situation far outside his comfort zone.

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Yeah! You’re d*mn right it’ll be fine!” Oddball triumphantly pipes up, holding a finger in the air. Unlike Axis, Backbreaker still couldn’t understand the little guy, and so he jumps and stares uncomprehendingly at him.

Axis gave the bot a stern look. Not angry. Moreso a ‘now isn’t a good time for that’ kind of expression.

Though even she wasn’t completely sure how to handle the situation at hand.

“Hey, how about we try to change the subject. Take our minds off of, this. Backbreaker, maybe you could tell Maximus about that plan you have?”
Axis said, as cheerfully as she could. Though it did sound a little forced.

Maximus lifted his head. Trying his best to push out the fear and worry of what was going on. Getting worked up over it wouldn’t do him much good, so it would best not to think about it.

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Railgun points over to Machbreaker and whatever monitor the scanner can feed in its information.

“They’re mechanical like us, but appear to be of some living, gaseous essence. A good chunk of it is contained in the head. With our field test, it appears the faceplates of the Vex aren’t very durable. The face didn’t shatter, but it cracked and leaked out the gas, causing great pain, with a few shots from my cannon. A good strike from something larger could likely incapacitate unarmored Vex quite easily.” He narrates with the tablet.

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“Wait a minute. You shot Iota?”
Hotshot exclaimed. Completely surprised by what they had said.

“Even I must admit, it is far from what I would have done in your position.”
Railfire added.
“However, this information could prove very valuable.”

Railgun never said he shot Iota, but it was implied. Though it seemed Hotshot was jumpy as ever, so that was no surprise. He wouldn’t admit it here, if only because it would ruin his kill count record by letting a target live.

He continued with his findings, “No other useful information found in his office. Distraction created to lure guards away from defenses. The outside has several turreted towers, though we were unable to see all potential threats. Rough map can be provided.”

“Well… Thanks for your help. Even if you maybe went a little overboard.”
Hotshot said earnestly.

“Consider it potential incentive. Now everyone has an accelerated reason to rebel and break out. Provided someone isn’t blamed for it. We won’t be found, and if we are, they’ll be dead first.”

While Railgun typically thought more along negatives, to save his and his brothers’ hides he would try and put a positive spin on things. Even if it isn’t the greatest look regardless. After all, except for the few who know about this scout mission, it looks like Iota is just spouting madness and being more irrational.

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“Either that or throw some poor bot out as a scape goat so we can get energon again. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”
Hotshot replied.

Frak Backbreaker’s plan; I’ve got a plan to get us our energon back!” Oddball chirps.

“Uh… Well, destroying Iota’s office and cutting of our energon rations wasn’t exactly on our agenda…” Backbreaker says awkwardly.

Axis sighed in frustration. Neither of the autobots seemed to get exactly what she was trying to do.

“Alright, fine. Oddball, what do you have in mind.”
Axis said, trying her best not to sound too irritated.

Observe!” Oddball beeps. With a dramatic flourish, he shifts his right forearm into a blade. Then, he proceeds to lop off his own head.

Whoa!” Backbreaker shouts, jumping out of his seat.

Maximus jumped back and out of Axis’ arms. The gruesome sight too much for the predacon to handle at the moment. Which only frustrated Axis even more. Though she seemed unfazed. With as much as she had talked to Oddball, she knew what he was about.

“Okay, I see what you’re trying to go for. But don’t you think that Iota would notice the fact that you’re still around afterwards?”

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