Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

“She was scared,” she said writing it down on her board in a hurry and trying to see if she could start gathering it up in her vials.

“Indeed, it was I. Nothing spells someone’s doom like a good song. Too bad Ivory wasn’t here to help.” Simulus answers.

The trio quickly makes their way to the ornate ship, having little time to be awed by it. Except for Machbreaker, whose focus is slightly broken from the ship’s design.

“Crink crink,” “It looked functional last I was here,” Tie-Grabber swiftly commented to Axis as they came to group up.

“Well, glad to see at least one of you lower lives has good taste.”
Knockout said happily.

“I hate to be a bother, but we really must get moving!”
Tarantuals hissed angrily.
“Panic and confusion won’t last forever. If we keep standing here and talking, we’ll be overrun in a matter of minutes! Our priority must be getting out of this building!”


“Good to hear.”
Axis said as she walked up the ramp. She then quickly turned around and addressed the other two.
“Oddball, you wait outside. I’ll need your help when we get outside. Hotshot, I’ll need you to start getting these ships ready for takeoff.”

Oddball nods sharply and stands at attention beside the ship’s ramp.

“Not so fast,” Backbreaker says. “Our job’s to keep the heat off the others while they do their thing.”

Axis runs inside and heads straight for the bridge. First order of business was activating the distress beacon. Hopefully catching the attention of some friends.

Then she looked to a large hatch on the control panel, simply labeled “FAFNIR”. Pulling it up revealed a heavy duty lever that she grabbed and pulled down.

Outside the ship, Oddball would notice the craft begin to shake and rattle. The head on the front extended on a series of joints and fell to the ground. It lazily moved to one side, while the rear of the ship began to reshape itself entirely. Sprouting two massive arms ending in large clawed hands.

In a matter of moments the transformation process was complete. Before Oddball, Hotshot, and the minicons, stood a great mechanical beast.

The robotic dragon let out a ferocious roar, which echoed through the expanses of the warehouse.

“Whatever your friends have planned will be inconsequential if we ourselves do not escape! Besides, they have the support of Grimlock do they not? Whatever troubles they will encounter would be trivial compared to what we’ll be dealing with if we don’t get outside!”


Oddball nods in approval, and steps aside so that he wasn’t in the way of this awesome beast.

“We wait for their signal,” Backbreaker insists. “Which will probably be a big explosion or something, knowing us.”

Fafnir walked past Oddball.
It growled as it moved over him. It walked to the closest wall. With one swing of its mighty claws, it made a huge gash in the concrete wall. Swinging again and again, the dragon quickly tunneled through the rock, moving towards the surface. Its long tail swishing behind it.

It was around this moment the group would hear a thundering bestial roar coming from outside.

“That enough of a signal for you?”
Depthcharge said.

“Primus almighty! What could have made a noise like that?!”
Warpath exclaimed.

At the same time, Maximus and his team had found the processing room.

“Alright everybody! Time to get to work.”
Maximus said.
“Demolishor, guard the entrance. Railfire, you try to work on reversing the machine. Grimlock, you stand by.”

Demolishor nodded and ran back to the door. Grimlock walked off and waited by the shrinking machine. And Railfire opened the control panel, looking over it’s mechanisms.

“For Cybertron’s sake! I’m a doctor, not an engineer! I can’t even tell where to start!”
Railfire exclaimed.

“Well try your best alright. We gotta be quick.”
Maximus replies.

“Actually, I got some experience in engineering myself, if you think it’ll help.”
Demolishor said.

“Good! The two of you switch then. Lets get this done as quick as we can!”

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The Railroad was silent before the beast and definitely made sure to stay out of its way. The last time they encountered a Transformer this large…Well, they couldn’t remember of time of dealing with anyone that large before, only heard the stories. Though once it starts slashing away at the structure, Railgun and Machbreaker turn their heads towards Tie-Grabber and give him a very deadpan stare.

“Cri?” “What?” Tie-Grabber almost exclaimed, but choked.

“Zii?!” It’s alive?! Machbreaker spasms.

“Whir! Whir!” “I had a hunch, but no evidence! The Vex missed it as one too!” Tie-Grabber defended.

“Chun chunk.” “Forget it, we need these ships up now.” Railgun interceded.

The three assist Hotshot as best they can in getting ships ready.

“It would seem the kids woke up a pet.” Simulus commented.

With a little hand signal, his minions run back over to him. They jump up, transforming into disks and inserting themselves inside his chest.

“A good enough sign for me. Surely any guards remaining would go to face the scream.”

Oddball was never one to backtalk giant dragon-bots, and so he skips along behind Fafnir.

“I do hope whatever that was is on our side,” Backbreaker asides.

Fafnir quickly breached the surface, and emerged out into a wide courtyard in front of the colosseum tower. Delicate shrubbery bordered the area while an alien cityscape towered in the near distance.

Fafnir stood tall and let out the bellowing roar that was heard by all inside.

“Primus above! What was that sound?!”
Railfire exclaimed.

“A good sign! That’s what!”
Maximus shouted with ecstatic enthusiasm.

With the vessel now above the surface, it’s distress beacon was free to broadcast into the stars above. And in the deep reaches of space, a Star Talon shuttle received it.

A short stocky brown predacon saw the signal, and could hardly believe his optics.
“Torchwing, get in here! We got a signal!”

A taller red predacon came running in.
“Sweet Primus finally!”
He shouted, sounding completely overjoyed.

The shorter predacon quickly began setting coordinates into the control console.
“Its coming out of uncharted space. Setting course for the closest space bridge. If luck is on our side we’ll be there in an hour or so.”

“Hang in there little buddy! We’re comin’ for ya!”


“Whatever it is, it will keep the guards away from us!”
Tarantuals said.
“So lets not waste time, and get outside!”

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Simulus doesn’t reply this time and just starts heading towards the direction to get outside. Primarily using the memories he had taken from the Minicons and whatever brief clues he gained from the Vex as for the best way of reaching that goal.

Oddball kept following Fafnir, keeping a fair distance away from the giant to avoid being stepped on.

Backbreaker waves for any other bots in the commons to follow as he makes for the exit with Simulus.

The way out was through one of the restricted passageways normally blocked off by a guard.

Everyone was quick to rush through. Along the way they’d pass rooms for guard residents, recreational areas, and other places the Vex would make frequent use of. It wouldn’t take long to reach one of the lesser exits, walking out into the courtyard. At which point they would all see the massive Fafnir. More than a dozen guards had already come out to deal with it. But with one swish of its long tail six of them were swatted away.

“Well it looks we found what made the noise!”
Wildsong said.

Tire and Rotor both transformed into their vehicle modes, just to enjoy having a wide open area to run around.

Soon after the tier 3 and 1 prisoners had escaped, the ones of tier 2 came rushing through a separate exit.

Jetfire in particular stopped as soon as he stepped outside, looking above in astonishment.
“Primus above. I never thought I’d see an open sky again!”

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Backbreaker grins as he steps out into the courtyard. Their plan was working! All there was to do now was to make a run for the shipyard, assuming Axis, Oddball, and HotShot had played their part.

But where were Maximus and Grimlock?

Hopefully, they weren’t far behind. Backbreaker turns to the other bots behind him.

“Don’t stop now!” he roars. “We’re almost through this! Keep going!”

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At that moment more than four dozen guards came pouring from the main entrance, ready to fight their captives. Threw mall Vex aircraft were flying in from the distance and opened fire on Fafnir. In response the mechanical beast opened its maw and fired a massive laser. The blast struck one of the fighters, which came crashing down to the ground. Though many more could be seen in the distance.

Meanwhile in the ship yard down below, Hotshot was running from shuttle to shuttle, making sure each one was ready to go. Scrambling around as quick as he could.

And in the processing center, Demolishor was putting the last touches on his work. Grimlock standing in the chamber, waiting and ready.
“There! It’s done. But how are we going to start it? The power’s still out!”

“Leave that to me!”
Maximus said. He quickly ran over to the main power conduit, and using his swords he cut the line. Then taking one end in each hand he expelled as much energy as he could. The machine began to spark and move. Spinning rings and flashes of energy. Railfire and Demolishor both stood back in amazement as a shadow grew and towered above them…



“Oh look at that, they’re still here for the show. Then let’s not disappoint ourselves!” Simulus cackles.

The data discs inside him start running like crazy, increasing his processing as much as they can. A hardlight simulation starts forming, far larger than any he has created yet in this prison. Its large demonic wings spread as its form becomes far more recognizable to the Transformers here.

“From oblivion to oblivion, I bring you the Lord of Chaos!”

Though nowhere near as large as the real thing, the simulated Unicron gives a grumbling screech and charges at the guards to crush them.

The Railroad Team continues to help prepping ships as best they can.

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Backbreaker readies his cannon and grips his sword in his left hand. Oddball deploys his gear shredder and fires an energy disk into the mob of Vex guards.

The simulation is effective in terrifying many of the Vex guards, as well as most of the cybertronian prisoners who didn’t see how it happened.

After the simulation managed to crush three or four of the guards, it quickly came under fire from all directions. From guards, to the fighters, as well as many of the other prisoners.

Fafnir turned its focus away from the visage of the chaos bringer, and focused on blasting the aircraft that insisted on pelting its armor with laser fire.

With all the guards panicking over the unicron simulation, they were more than easy pickings for the two.

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Simulus grinned quite pleased, until seemingly everything started shooting his creation. He grimaces and keeps his focus on trying to keep the simulation up. Though with all damage, he wasn’t sure how long he could keep this up with only three data discs. The Unicron sim continues its rampage against the Vex guards anyways.

“Pick them off already! I can’t hold their attention forever!” Simulus shouts at Backbreaker.


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“I’m working on it!” Backbreaker shouts back.

Backbreaker fires a shot from his plasma cannon at a fighter, to see if his weapon had any effect on them. Oddball retreats from his position to be with the other prisoners.

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