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I wouldn’t say it is bad it’s just… extremely, ridiculously high-peased, at least for my expectation. In three days we had the Maximus/Gronius fight, the Railfire reveal, the first arena fight, the Maximus/Grimlock conversation, and tons and tons and tons of conflicts.
As one of the few persons who know basically the whole story behind this I expected all of these events to happen in the most optimistic case in a week.

That’s what I’ve noticed; Its not the ammount of people / posts this time it’s the actual pacing. I can barely follow becuase everytime I check it seems some other fight or plot happened.

It’s extremely blink-it-and-you’ll-miss-it. And than comes from a guy who really considers his rp fast paced.

What do you have in mind?

Well luckily I’ve pretty much burnt through all of the planned content for the beginning. I plan for a lot of what comes next to be more character driven rather than plot driven as it’s been up until now. You guys will be able to set the pace and direction of the story as it builds up to the climactic breakout.

I do apologize for the poor pacing. My writing abilities are admittedly better suited for isolated stories that I write myself, rather than an rpg such as this. And I hope that as we move into this more character driven middle section, that I’ll be able to improve in that regard.

Is that really such a good idea to “burn through” your plot? If anything just the gridlock fight should’ve been the only important part if the beggining,

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I feel like you should have said as much in your initial post (i.e. “If successful, Song would lift Backbreaker into the air” or somesuch). Instead, you gave me time to have my character act after Wildsong knocked him down, and I chose to make an attack of my own, that I feel Wildsong needs to respond to.

Right then. I’ll edit the post.

Admittedly, yes. I should have taken my time with a lot of this. Railfire’s resolve and change of heart for example. I love the motivations and reasoning I came up with for why he wanted to see Maximus free. But upon reflection, it happened way too fast. It should have been a slow change.

But what’s happened has happened. And unless anyone wants to start over, this is what we have to work with.

But, now that I’ve run out of preplanned material, I’ve decided you guys should drive the story. Let the characters do what they will, and have the events change as consequence. All the while building up to the breakout, where I have planned actions for my characters that will happen independently of your actions.

The Soviet march from C&C: Red Alert 3

Or Yuriko’s theme from the same game.

I’m not sure the first fits, (though if you can find a way to use it, go for it) but the second one would definitely work.

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Well I just so happen to fricken love Soviet March. And I think it would work well in a fight with one of the larger bots. Probably Blackout.


Actually, after thinking about it, I’ve just had an idea. Since we’re only three or so days in, how would you guys feel about a reset? Starting over from a certain point, and trying again with a slowed down pace. Not starting over from the very beginning, but say right after the Grimlock fight. We go back to there, and I give everything time to play out at a slower, more natural pace. What do you guys think?

  • Yes. Reset and start over.
  • No. Keep going from where we are now.

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So do I. (Have you heard it before?) This is like the third version of it, the earlier red alerts had Hell March, which is practically the same tune, but without words.

And if you want to use it in a big fight, go ahead. It would certainly be fitting for Juliana to take down some big fighter.

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What’s done is done, might as well press on. As long as everyone gets a chance to respond and things go at a slightly slower pace so characters can interact, it should be fine. Going back wouldn’t do much good for us now.

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Fair enough.

In that case we shall proceed as we are, and I’ll do my best to slow things down.

By the way. Here is the link to the whole C&C ultimate collection soundtrack. You might find more you like there.

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Since things have slowed down since Chrome and Vladin started their battle, I decided I should start up something for the other characters to do.

However, since this section of the story will be driven by you guys, I thought it would be a good idea to take suggestions! Any event ideas you guys have in mind?

something about Gronius’ legion

Not gonna lie the idea of Gronius trying to start a union for better living conditions caught me completely off guard.

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not get fooled. He more or less only tries to gain even more control over the arena.
Once Maximus arrived he started feeling things slipping through his fingers, from people who now hang out with Maximus instead of him to even his own sister. In his mind, he is the best to suited to rule anything, he is the smartest, the best tactician, the most serious, and prefers to look at the bad things when it comes of his competition. Backbreaker? Grumpy old gladiator who is out of his time. Juliana? Stupid, dreamy girl who can’t do anything but annoy everybody with her songs. Maximus? Foolish young lad who somehow is taking over his territory. These, combined with his will to stay in the arena, to preserve the status quo, and to remain the head of the warriors, determined him to adopt the smallest trick that he ever had in the back of his head.
Gronius wants power, but also to preserve the status quo the best he can.

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Very interesting.

Though now could also be a good time to develop that rivalry with Gronius and Maximus I was talking about. Maybe stemming from the meeting he had with Grimlock.

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Sorry for my activity level; it’s just that school and work take up a lot of my time.[quote=“MaximusPrimal, post:176, topic:51079”]
I thought it would be a good idea to take suggestions! Any event ideas you guys have in mind?

I figure you probably have something like this in store, but what about team battles? It might keep more people engaged and also ensure that there’s more variety to the combat than just one-on-one fights.