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On a world far from Cybertron, a wicked games master known as Iota runs a depraved and twisted colosseum. Using cybertronian slaves he has collected over thousands of years, he pits them in brutal fights against their will. Most prisoners have given up on the hopes of freedom long ago. Until one young predacon arrives, and immediately tries to start a revolution. Who will stand by his side, and who will stand against him? All the while having to face one another in the pit. All this and more in New Horizons: Tournament of Terror!

Whoo! Alright. I’ve been developing this game for at least two years now, and I am super excited to finally launch it. Now this is part of a series I’ve been working on, and thus there is a bit of background information you need to know about when designing your characters.


Soon after the Great War Cybertron was faced with an energy crisis. As a solution autobots and decepticons created smaller, more fuel efficient forms, known as maximals and predacons. These smaller Cybertronians then became the new naturally occurring beings produced by the Well of Allsparks. Over time as maximal and predacons began to out number their war era counterparts, the old autobots and decepticons were exiled, one by one, for various reasons. Whether they were legitimate or not is up for debate. This time is known as the Mass Exodus.

Now to the tournament itself. The aliens which populate this planet are known as the Vex.

A race of beings made from intelligent gas, housed within robotic bodies. Their society is a very isolated one. While most of the galactic community knows of them, there is little interaction. Cybertron in particular is completely unaware of their existence.

The Vex stand about as tall as maximals and predacons. Additionally, as a means of security, autobot and decepticon prisoners have all been shrunken down to their scale.


Character profiles are to be submitted as such:

Faction: (autobot, decepticon, maximal, predacon)
Appearance: (An image of some kind would be ideal, but a text description works just as fine)
Alt mode:
Abilities: (Optional)

Example of a filled out sheet:

Name: Maximus
Faction: Predacon

(Credit to @decepticonaiden for making both this and the Vex art for me)
Alt mode: Robotic dragon
Weapons: Pole axe and sniper riffle
Abilities: Electricity absorption, manipulation, and expulsions
Bio: A young and curious predacon, part of the space pirate faction known as the Star Talons, Maximus along with his friend Axis were captured by the Vex while out on an exploration mission. Inexperienced and too stubborn for his own good, he refuses to simply accept this new life as so many others have, and does his best to light the fires of rebellion.


First are character rules

  1. There is a strict limit of two. If you want to introduce a new character after we’ve started, and you already have two, one of them will need to be dropped.

  2. I will allow pets/minions for characters. No more than three per player. They are not allowed to speak, at least not to any extent understandable to anyone other than their owner. These are not characters themselves, but merely extensions of the actual characters.

  3. No OP characters. That’s fairly obvious. I’ll judge this on a case by case basis.

Gameplay rules.

  1. Of course be fair and kind to your other players. I will have a zero tolerance policy to fowl play and the aggressive OOC behavior.

  2. Play reasonably. No auto hits, infinite dodging, acting with information your character shouldn’t know, all that basic stuff. Be credible for your actions, even if they put you in a bad spot. If you die or become seriously injured because you did something stupid, that’s on you.

  3. Death is permanent. If a character dies they cannot return.

And that’s it! After all this time I am so excited to finally start this. I hope it goes well.
The game will begin some time Saturday or Sunday, depending on my job and homework.

Confirmed players:


Oh mean I’ve waited so much for this! And I’m the first one to sign up too! Sweet!

Name: Gronius
Faction: Predacon

Alt mode: Dragon
Weapons, abilities: One greatsword, two pistols, along with his more than average strength acquired as a result of his years of training at the Thunders of Iacon and the massive experience in the arena. He also has the usual dragon powers stuffs like breathing fire (in dragon mode only, of course), fire and heat resistance, thick armour, flying (although he can’t unfold his wings without transforming), etc.
He also has an experimental device called the SHASC (“Shielding, Healing And Shooting Chestplate”). It is a chestplate looking something like Toa Iruini’s chestplate, but bigger and with some extensions that cover the shoulders and the sides of the body. What it does is simple: it can absorb any form of energy that comes to the user (including kinetic), it can absorb it, and then depending of the user’s wish it can either use it to heal his wounds or shoot it back. It can’t store it tho, or at least not in big quantities. Not to mention that threre is a short cooldown of around 3 minutes to it.

Name: Wildsong (or just Song for short)
Faction: Predacon

(these two are not my photos, credits to whoever made them, cause I couldn’t find them)
Alt mode: Also dragon
Weapons and abilities: Besides the dragon abilities that I listed above, she has four long knifes and four blasters. She also has two spike cable things that come out of the shoulders and that can extend or contract to stab the people around her. Her armour is not as thick as Gronius’ tho.
Wildsong also has a Minicon partner named Giffin, that she met in the arena shortly after she and Gronius got captured.

This is how he looks like, but with his kibble resembling an air craft.
Alt mode(s): mini-cassette (Although he can’t actually plug with anybody (yet at least)), small air drone.
Weapons, abilities: a vast intelect, although he can’t really fight, reason as of why he always hides in the corners of the arena to protect himself of the other gladiators. He is quite fast two, and he has two small blasters to help him, in addition of multiple ustensiles that he brought from his crashed ship.
In addition, shortly after she met Wildsong he got attacked by Thundercracker and his goons, who were also fighting in the arena and were trying to get the SHASC from him, thinking that it might help them get out of there and be free. The plan failed, as Wildsong came in time to protect them, but he still got severaley damaged, leaving him mute, only able to talk in R2-D2-style of noises.

Common bio:
Long version:

If you really want to understand them, I recommend you read these.
Short version:
Gronius and Wildsong are twins. They lived their entire lives on Cybertron. As Predacons they were often discriminated and hated by the Maximals around them, but while Wildsong was able to ignore them and to make herself a stable life, Gronius wasn’t as strong.
He entered in this top government organisation called the Thunders of Iacon, which was basically some sort of combination of CIA and SWAT. There he was trained in battle strategies, information gathering, and others. However, even there he couldn’t find himself a stable career, as the company was predominantly made out of Maximals, including their boss.
Gronius eventually got into a mission in which he and some other agents had to guard the SHASC prototype as it was sent from one point to another. Gronius was the sole survivor, as the mission was attacked by a rogue ToI agent that now was part of a criminal band called the Slayercons.
Gronius, although heavily thrown to the corner by the ToIs, who were trying to find a way retrieve the weapon, eventually found them and against the odds beat them. However, this happened to a cost: the rogue ToI attempted to backstab the other Slayercons as he took the SHASC on a ship and tried to leave Cybertron. Wildsong and Gronius went after him, fought him in the cockpit and accidentally activated the speed of light, and killed him.
However, before they could celebrate the ship entered in the middle of an asteroid field, got damaged, threw the two into temporal stasis, and brought them into Vex territorial space, where they were captured and put into the arena.
From there their stories get more liniar. Gronius tried multiple times to get out of the arena and he always was this close to do it, but he always failed. He eventually was thrown into a battle against one of the bloodiest gladiators that Iota had: Skywarp. He won, winning the respect of the arena, public, and hopefully Iota. That is the moment when Gronius realised that he doesn’t want to go, that it would be better for him to stay in this arena instead of returning to Iacon where everybody hated him anyway simply for existing.
Song didn’t really fought in the arena as much, tho when she was she was always winning. Her main activity was helping Giffin with his whereabouts. Giffin was a regular Minicon who, just like the two Predacons, accidentally crashed in Vex space. In the process his two Minicon brothers, Spokes and Skorn, were thrown into permanent stasis. They are alive, but they are connected to some life systems improvised by Giffin and Song together with the SHASC to keep them alive, as the Vex would not allow them to put them into any sort of CR Chamber. Song promised Giffin to try to defend him so that he could take care of the bodies, and allowed him to use the SHASC as much as he would wish.


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Interesting. Will join once I get off mobile.


Name: Backbreaker

Faction: Autobot

Appearance: in robot mode, Backbreaker bears a strong, brutish figure, and stands at about twevle feet tall. Broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hip, he has sleek armor adorned with spikes on his shoulders and knees.

For a better visual reference, I based his robot mode off of TLK Megatron:

Backbreaker’s head is resembles that of Megatron’s Toys R Us exclusive toy, and the gladiator can deploy a battle mask similar in appearance to Megatron’s as well.


Backbreaker’s primary color is white, accompanied by a dark shade of red on his limbs and abdomen, and accented by snaking black patterns all over his body. He also bears a purple stripe running down the right side of his head, which he recently applied himself.

Alt-mode: a three-headed dragon, similar in appearance to Cybertron Scourge, with Backbreaker’s color scheme.

Weapons: in robot mode, Backbreaker wields a large sword:

He also carries a shield on his left forearm and a heavy plasma cannon on his right, which can also shoot fireballs. In beast mode, Backbreaker’s main head can breath fire, while the secondary heads can shoot jets of plasma.

Abilities: Backbreaker is imbued with impressive physical strength and tough armor plating that increases his resistance to damage. I know this is vague, but I’ll try to be reasonable with it.


Millions of years ago, Backbreaker was a champion of the gladiatorial pits of Kaon. The crowd loved him for his strength, flashy style of fighting, and his bombastic personality- putting on a good show for the audience was as important to Backbreaker as pounding his opponent into sheet metal. But his career came to an end when he challenged the bot who would one day become Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. Though he put up a good fight, the soon-to-be Emperor of Destruction mopped the floor with Backbreaker, leaving him beaten, humiliated, and out of the favor of the masses. The sport moved on without him, and Backbreaker struggled to find a new life for himself in the cybertronian military… until the very same bot who had trounced him just so happened launch a tyrannical campaign for galactic domination. Backbreaker wasted no time in joining the Autobots- to preserve freedom for all sentient beings, of course, but also to get a shot at a proper rematch with Megatron. Alas, that never came to be, as Backbreaker found himself kidnapped by bounty hunters and sold to the enigmatic Vex to fight for Iota’s entertainment. Backbreaker would’ve been thrilled to be back in his element again… were it not for the aforementioned “slavery” ordeal. Backbreaker’s set on regaining his freedom, but until the right moment presents itself, however, he’s content with biding his time by fighting with his fellow prisoners, and telling exaggerated recounts of his glory days to the younger generations.



okay, here we go.

Name: Laslow

Homeworld: Cyberton.

Faction: Autobot

Appearance: About average height, but nothing fancy. His front and back wheels fold together onto his back. Sorta like afterburner.

Alt-mode: 2019 Honda Goldwing

Weapons and such: A DMR, a Nitrox booster, and a hand-and-a-half sword.

Personality: A self-proclaimed ladies’ man, he thinks himself a catch, but his flirtations are so blatantly obvious, no-one takes the bait. He puts up a front of non-chalant, devil-may-care attitude, but behind that façade is a deeply caring individual, who wants to protect those he cares for. He’s also no slouch in a fight.

Bio: Your average, run-of-the-mill autobot, he was one of many cybertronians taken by the Vex. He has deep ties to earth, but he is normally unwilling to talk about it.



Great! and yes, I literally ported in my Salvation character.

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this more or less is the universe where we bring all of our tf characters from other games anyway


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Thanks! I have another guy I want to play, but I’m not so confident about him. Could you have a look and tell me what you think?

Name: Oddball

Faction: unknown

Appearance: in robot mode, Oddball stands at around nine feet tall, with a slight build and round, bulbous armor and a small head with few features save for a pair of bright, disk-shaped eyes.

For a better visual reference, I based his robot mode off of War For Cybertron’s Bumblebee, with this head design I found in a gallery of TLK concept art:

Oddball’s primary color is a burnt orange, accompanied by varying shades of grey and black, with electric-blue lights on his chest and limbs.

Alt-modes: Oddball has two alternate modes, and transforms in a manner similar to the KSI drones in Transformers: Age of Extinction- his body breaks down into swarms of tiny, cube-shaped blocks that reassemble themselves into a form of his choosing. Pieces of Oddball’s spark reside in each block, allowing him to maintain and manipulate the swarms for brief periods of time.

The first of these alt-modes is a spherical roller with a single blue eye so that Oddball can see:

And the second is a rocket:

Weapons: In robot mode, Oddball can deploy two submachine guns from his forearms.

He also possesses a Gear Shredder for a secondary weapon: an energy-based launcher that shoots spinning disks to cut through targets. The disk can be held in the launcher to use as an impromptu melee weapon, and Oddball’s Gear Shredder also has a second mode of fire, In which it shoots three smaller disks that can ricochet of surfaces.

Oddball also carries a supply of colorful explosives, which produce loud noises and showers of bright sparks upon detonation. In his vehicle modes, Oddball can fire volleys of small, firework-like projectiles with similar capabilities off on random trajectories.

Abilities: Oddball has abilities similar to that of a shifter, in that he can reshape his body into various geometric shapes and simple objects. In robot mode, he uses this to create melee weapons and tools from his arms and legs, though he is unable to create firearms or other complex machines.

As far as physical capabilities go, Oddball is a fast and nimble bot, though his strength is largely unremarkable for a bot of his size.

Bio: Oddball is one of the more recent additions to the Tournament of Terror, and so far he has shown himself to be an eccentric and mischievous fellow. He communicates entirely through electronic beeps and whistles, accompanied by exaggerated body language to help get his point across. Though a prankster, he is a good-natured bot at spark, and does what he can to help his fellow prisoners as they endure their captivity. It’s likely that he would jump at the first chance of rebellion.


I like it! I think there’s a lot of creative potential with this cube-shifting idea.

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he would be very good friend with Giffin, I’ll give you that

Oh, good! Anything else, or is Oddball okay?

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name: Ricochet
faction: decepticon

Ricochet is a targetmaster and ambushes his unsuspecting prey with ricochet bullets that often bounce back to hit the user

he spends most of his time in alt mode waiting for someone dumb enough to try using him so he can practice his trick shots


He’s good. Character approved!

@Risebell an interesting choice I’ll admit. While it doesn’t break any rules, I don’t think it’s the best idea, given the gladiatoral setting.

I’m going to ricochet your post right back at you

In theory, but in a one on one fight, that kind of trickery wouldn’t work.

Alt mode: a hearse and a crow.

Weapons: claws, a shield, arm cannons.
Abilities: can disapear into shadows to suprise enemies, generally stealthy. He is a headmaster but hides it just in case an enemy thinks they won and can then use just his body to strike.
Bio:known as the reaper during the Great War nowadays he’s just an assassin killing anyone he doesn’t like or he’s been hired to kill. Generally enjoys both the payment and the killing equally.

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Seems interesting, but this will need some kind of drawback or limitation.

This is definitely interesting. I’d like to see how he’d deal with the tournament. Being forced to fight in constant yet non lethal battles.