Transparent-Toa & Trans-Matoran

Recently got a bunch of sets including multiple copies of Chi Sir Fangar and Chi Fluminox so I thought it is about time to present my four new MOC's.

The idea was essentially to have a very part restricted Matoran and a fairly large Toa or Titan style set using primarily Hero Factory pieces in Trans-Blue and Trans-Red - as you can see the height difference is insane. Not sure about the Piraka feet for the Toa and will probably update them, however for the moment these are my current Transparent-figures.

They currently lack masks as I was unable to find some masks that fit with the style I was going for - as such they all have a Mesonak style head design just using a Glatorian head instead. The larger figures are designed to be more along the lines of Guardians of the Elements hence the flame and ice radiating from them.

Oh... and I do have plans for the other four elements when their are more Transparent Hero Factory parts released. I am also continuing to work on the re-done Alpha Kopaka however waiting on more parts :3


They look great! good job!

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Orange bones? I need those!

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I think 2016 Tahu might have some

he does, he's got 4