'Treason. Worse than treason — stupidity' Makuta Miserix back when he was still leader of the brotherhood

While Miserix’s dragon form is quite wonderful Ive felt we were missing representation of him from the time before he ate a few too many Klakk. And so I tried to design my own:

My main goal here was to take away a fair away of his dragon bits while also to find counterparts to each of his regular armor parts.

And because many people Ive shown this too have a weirdly difficult time with identifying those counterparts I made these two images to better show my thought processes with this boy

also have a closer look at how his weapon compares to the enlarged one

And of course what would this thread be without a picture with him and his formerly trusted lieutenant. Shortly after no longer being trusted.

“Succeed in your grand design and you risk the death of the universe itself”

Credit for the mask design goes to Galva


That’s a very nice represantation of the character. It’s a very unique model and all the references to the original are well done!


You did a great job referencing many aspects of the original model in this smaller, more humanoid version.


I like this. Keeps the look of the model while reverting it back to a regular humanoid. The weapon is a particular highlight for me, it looks more refined and polished than the original, in line with the theme of Miserix being mutated/deformed. The mask also pairs well and the claws are an exact match - I even see the bits of Mata red mixed in with the Metru red!

I have a suggestion if you enjoyed this project (please correct any facts I got wrong in this!) - Makuta Teridax’s original form. Now, chronologically the first time we saw Teridax it was in Metru Nui, but the only appearance we got was when he was fused with Nivawk, Krekka, and Nidhiki. So theoretically, before this fusion, he had a different form. I’d love to see what you think.


My only real complaint with this model is that he comes off as small - even scaled up against the 2003 Makuta, he’s kinda tiny. Otherwise though, this aesthetic goes hard.

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thank you, took me quite a while to plan out the design so im quite happy that i seem to have pulled it off well. especialy the arms had me go through several designs till i settled on this one.

thank you, was quite fun to try to downsize that big ol spear of his, finding a replacement for the pohatu claws was anything but a quick process so glad it looks good. and yeah i can kinda see what you mean.

an interesting suggestion. personally i always assumed that his 2003 form was how he originaly looked as well making his progression 2003 form → downsized to fake turaga dume → using the mass of those he absorbed to grow into the ultimate dume set form (pretty sure thats canonicaly how hes supposed to look at that time despite the movies. after all the shadowed one did recognize bits from krekka and nidhiki in his armor and… 2003 form plus wings doesnt realy have anything like that.) → ultimate dume without wings → matoran and vortex form to test the mata → back to 2003

so i always just assumed he just returned to his prefered form after his fight with the mata. melding teridax’s similar look does point to that kind of look being his.

of course theres also the possibility that he originaly had a similar but not identical form however im unsure where i would begin with designing such a potential form.

with miserix I had a design and some idea what was supposed to be different about it aka “this but smaller and likely less literal dragon” thats something i can work with.

with teridax unfortunately it would be “this but different in some unknowable way” the only somewhat obvious approach i could think of would be to do a recolor of melding teridax with a different weapon. tho that would be kinda boring and of course we have no idea he ever actualy was supposed to look like that.

perhaps some day some random thought might give me inspiration, happens to me often enough, but for now itll have to stay uncertain.

something i could try however could be a reimagining of his 2003 form with newer (well relatively newer 2004-2010 isnt that new) parts if theres some interest for that. will have to check how many potential parts i could work with

I can definitely see what you mean from my pictures, however he isnt that small compared to the rest of the makuta we got. hes at minimum on eye level with everyone except icarax and ultimate dume, compared to a good chunk of them hes even roughly a head taller.

I probably could have aimed to make him taller than Icarax as well but that would have lessened him in a different way: I definitely wanted him to be noticeably smaller to his dragon form to make that change he went through look that much more dramatic.

and even with the size he ended up with hes still reaches the neck hight of the dragon. If I made him much bigger then the only difference his millenia of consuming mass and transforming would have amounted to details and a tail which just isnt quite the same to me.

but thats just my reasoning, you might feel different about that still. glad you can still get some enjoyment out of my work regardless.

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