Treasure Island Story MOC

I had this MOC built for a while, but I just finished it with a little improuvments.

Our Story is about 5 brave heroes, which go on a quest to find the legendary treasure. But they are not the only ones who want this treasure…

Our two female characters battle at the adventurers camp…

And another battle goes at the Pirate’s camp…

For some reason crocodiles helps the good guys…

The pirates have killed all island natives and used their cage…

The mermaids own the secret that unlocks the treasure cave. But only one side can get the secret password. So the fight occurs within a life boat, and since their guns run out of bullets, they fight with paddles…

Meanwhile, the two Bosses, Jack Thunder and Captain Dead Eye Fight at the Treasure Cave Entrance …

Untill the Password is said and the cave opens… Which side will get the treasure?

And now, It’s time for the character showcase!

The Good Guys are lead by Jack Thunder, Grandfather of Johnny Thunder, which has recruited 3 other Boys and a girl, and trained them for this very dangerous adventure.

The Bad Guys, the Pirates, are lead by Captain Dead Eye, the original Captain that owned The Misfourtune’s Keep . He was the most Dangerous Pirate ever assembled in the LEGO Universe. And his crew is one of the most feared ones on the see. Even Davy Jones was scared of this fierce crew and it’s captain.

And Last, but not least, we have the neutral characters: The mermaids. They were the only creatures to ever know the secret password for the treasure, which they were supposed to give up only to the winner from a head to head battle in front of them!

                  Hope you like this MOC and it's story!

                                **THE END**

Sweet moc

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If is sweet, why didn’t you gave it a like? :wink:

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These are only a few things on a few baseplates.


Well, yes, but with a story behind them. And it took longer then you think to build this, so I it is what it is…

@LegoDavid, sorry but this is true. It’s not really much.

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Again, even though it seems simple, this took me some time to make (to me, it takes more time to find the parts I need then the actual building process…)

I seem to be getting deja vu here, but putting time into something doesn’t automatically earn you praise. A well-made result is what people will compliment. To that end, criticisms are something to be learned from; if they’re telling you that something doesn’t look good, then your job is to find a way to make it better. That’s how you improve.

One thing you could definitely stand to improve is how flat the whole thing is. It just makes everything look boring. It also adds to how random the layout feels. There’s no real reason, it seems, for the pirate’s camp to be where it is, or for there to be a random building with treasure inside, or the random little tile of water. Adding terrain can add to this; maybe the pirates made camp against a rock wall where they’d feel a bit more safe, or near the entrance to where the treasure is. And that’s only the start of what could be improved; there’s a lot you could add to this.


Then spend more time building the moc after you collect the pieces. The terrain, well lack of terrain. Really takes away from the moc.