Treasure Planet

This is one of my all time favorite Disney movies ever. It developed both my love of history (through pirates) and my love of science (through space) Let us discuss this wonderful treasure to the human race (and whatever race Delbert is…)

I swear, there’s not enough TP GIFs on the internet. We need more.


I… uh… LOVED this movie growing up, I know it’s not the best movie ever but I loved it.

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I even have the game for the ps2

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This was my second favorite animated movie growing up, seconded only by The Emperor’s New Groove.

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Yes again, because I need more then 5 letters

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Been forever since I’ve seen this movie. I need to watch it again later.

I liked this movie. It had a fascinating world. I should rewatch it sometime…

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I remember watching this movie and liking it when I was a kid, but I barely remember anything of it.

Love that movie

I absolutely adored this movie growing up, however in looking back, it was a rather bad adaptation of treasure island. OTOH, that is kind of what disney is about, so good job there!

This movie. This movie was my childhood.
*sniffs back tear

This movie is great. Released at the worst time possible and didn’t get the rep or rec it deserved.
…I was kinda hurt when I heard Mr.Merlin say it didn’t work.
Oh well.
I’m Still Here ftw.

I love this movie, it’s easily the most underrated Disney film. Been watching it since I got it on DVD in 2003. Great visuals, storytelling, and that music is just plain amazing.
It’s a shame that most kids nowadays have even never heard of this, all they care about is Frozen it seems like.

Amazing Music
Amazing 2D Animation
Amazing Adaption

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Oh hey i remember this movie !
I used to have a bootleg VHS of it back when i was a kid, it’d sometimes cut off near the end.
But great movie anyways. Makes me all nostalgic n stuff.