Tred, the Dragon of Ekimu

This dragon is fun to play with
And looks Nice
I hope you like it
And he do’s not like makuta


I like the Chinese dragon aesthetic.

Looks fancy

Overall, looks cool. The blue feels a little out of place, maybe he could use more. Also the body seems really messy, what with the little technic bits sticking out.

More blue would make it look overall better

Pretty awesome, but could use more blue.

The overall construction is pretty solid. I’d reccomend changing out the metru thighs with its ccbs counterpart to keep a more consistent look though.

Can it unite?

Please post a picture of Ekimu riding this majestic beast.

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-Some non-existing loser

Awesome. I dig it, however the rest of the body/ tail seems a bit to small compared to the head and limbs.

It’s cool, but it looks more like a Dodongo from Legend of Zelda to me.

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There you go


That looks awesome.