Tren Krom, the Eternal

Sooo, Tren Krom, done for the weekly challenge over at the good ol art squad
without further chatter, here you go, mr. Nightmare!

i really wanted to have this contrast between "sunny normal day" and "your worst nightmare coming to hunt you down".
I dunno if that worked, but i guess like how the rocks turned out. boooo!

so yeeeah! C&C, share it, whatever!


my eyes
I am scurred


This is what I'd imagine Tren Krom would look like.


Very impressive.

velika murdered tren krom

I guess he wasn't eternal after allllll

(forgot to put that joke in)

Looks like @Chro when he doesn't have his cigar laughing jkjk

This looks awesome!


It did. Nicely done.


Tren Krom is a criminally underused character. I'm glad someone's acknowledged him. Great drawing!


Needs more ugly.

This is great!

Meh. Seen worse. Still very nice

This is great! Never did I imagine him that big but it does make sense.

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Could you give some constructive criticism instead of just saying meh? I want to know how to improve after all.

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Yeah, not gonna lie. It seems like a lot of these responses are really lack luster and are trying to be more savvy or funny than actually constructive and helpful. I'm gonna talk to the rest of the staff about these type of posts, they aren't helpful to the talents shown here.

As far as this goes, you continue to impress yet again. I really like the mystery you've given Tren Krom that many artists attempt to alleviate. The rocks are also fantastic. They really do a great job of invoking the vibe given from earlier Bionicle rock designs, specifically from the original Game Boy Advance Bionicle game. The only thing I can suggest to have been done differently would have been to color his eyes a more yellow shade as opposed to blue. It suggests something more sinister that way.

Either way, great work as usual and I always look forward to more!


Why thank you eljay. Nice to see that you share my stuff with the cast, thanks again for that shoutout.


Absolutely! I wish I was there at the time to voice my opinions. I'm quite honestly a big fan of your artwork! smile


I only just now looked close enough to see Carapar within the tentacle grip.

I actually never even thought about how large Tren Krom actually was. Did we ever get an idea? Cause I always imagined he was like, about the size of just a moderately large Rahi.

This drawing actually gives me a new way of viewing him. It makes sense, as I'd imagine the size would add to the massive intimidation factor he has.

Honestly, this is a pretty legit interpretation.

Very lovecraftian, I dig it.


You did a good job visualizing Tren Krom! The shading and lighting are great!

One critique: According to the canon, Tren Krom has hooks at the end of his tentacles. I don't see those on there (and if they are there, I can't make them out). But the detail and shading are fantastic, and I like how his face glows!

oh, i actually didnt know that! thank you!

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I'm only just now noticing the contrast between "imminent and horrifying death by abomination" and "beautiful day". I never really thought about that... It's actually pretty funny, if I think about it. Like some creature is being torn apart by cable-sized tentacles while the world is at peace with itself. I dig it.