trev44nuva self moc


From what I can see cool! More pictures would be nice though.


Dank fedora tho

I agree with what @Helryx said, more pics would be nice.

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from what I can see, custom arms seem short, but I can't really judge if it's only a few upper body pics

From what i can see, it looks pretty good, although more pictures would be nice.


I also agree on the arms, though it looks pretty good, from what I can see.


i will be uploading more pics when i have time

here are more pictures


Pretty cool self MOC, yo! smile

It's complex, but that doesn't always mean good, such as in this case, where you've created a very complicated MOC that doesn't look great. For one thing, your upper arms are a mess of tubes and technic, the knees don't seem to exist, and the waist is really, really thin. You've also used the Inika shoulderpad as a chest plate, which always looks weird.

Also, there's the neck region. You've got this huge mass back there that just looks really unnatural.

Overall I have to say that you've honestly got some good techniques, but as a whole, the MOC really starts to fall apart.

ok i see what you mean the tubes i personally took that risk and i thought it looked good and yes i cant find a way to make the waist thicker it is really gappy and needs to be fixed also the mass o his back is supposed to be a form of weapon holding on his back for a spear that i forgot to put on also the spikes you see are there for story and asthetic reason. and the top of the inika leg armor for his knees

@Calvatron thanks for the constructive criticism