Triad The Sharpshooter

This is a creation I have been working on for a few months now and I am glad to say it is finally finished.

This is “Triad.” He is a character I developed to be a guardian of an urban futuristic city. The idea behind his build is that at one point he was much more armored and had normal limbs, but after a severe accident, his limbs were blown off, causing him to replace them with slender prosthetic ones.

Triad is an excellent sharpshooter and technician. He is equip with an energy rifle, as well as a long-range communications system that was integrated into his back after his tragic incident.

Closeup of his energy rifle:

A dramatic poster I made of him in Photoshop:

Any and all critique or criticism is welcome.


I really like that leg design!


I do enjoy the look and build of this guy. And that leg design is really cool.

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I like this!

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I do really like the legs, but they don’t fit too much to me. Also, mind if I use that leg design sometime?
Looks as if K-2SO and Onepu had a child.

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Them legs!

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Dude while that leg design is really cool I think its a bit too skinny and gappy compared to its torso, but that piston through the leg connection is pretty brilliant. I like it

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I hear a lot of praise for the legs, but can he stand straight? Looks to me like that would be impossible with those legs.

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I love those legs… BUT

IS… is that what I think it is? A black axle/pin?

I don’t even know if they exist
Do they exist?
Why do I have none?
Who am I?

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I have a similar set of legs to those. Noice

They definitly exist. I think that they’re pretty old though. Maybe Slizer old, I don’t know exactly.


They exist. I have a few myself

That nitro race team set, I got. 21 of those beauties. By Jove they’re expensive though.


He can stand straight, it is just not shown in these poses.

They do exist, but they are old and expensive. Prepare to spend a lot of money if you are looking to buy them in bulk.[quote=“Hautaka, post:5, topic:32240”]
Also, mind if I use that leg design sometime?

I don’t see why not.

I mean, there is a backstory explaining the limbs, but I guess I could see that.

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I would personally make the limbs silver so they look a bit more fake. Pretty nifty tho

Nice job, I like how the legs and torso came out.

I actually really appreciate the torso build too.
One of my favorite MOCs on the boards!
The purple makes me love it even more.

Im really digging those legs and the rifle!
Also purple!

Love the colour scheme!

is that what I think it is? A black axle/pin?

Yes it is. They came from the Toa Nuva and Bohrok Va. The Exo-Toa uses about 25 of them to hold it’s armor together.

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Very nice. I like the shape of the legs and the armor is good.