Trials of Cordax: #3

The ocean surrounding Voya Nui was not a calm one. The lightning storm from the night before had traveled into the ocean, but this time, Voya wasn’t there to save him. Voya! he thought, remembering the Matoran who saved him. “I should’ve found her.” He said. “I have to go back” Cordax exclaimed, just as a lightning bolt struck his boat and cast him into the sea. It was such a surprise that Cordax didn’t know what was happening, and lost consousness in the sea.

Later, He woke up on the shore of another barren island, one not discovered before, as it was underneath the ocean. Cordax didn’t know how he was alive, not to mention breathing. “It must be my mask!” He said. “That bug sure was a help” There was a dome encapsulating the city, and Cordax wandered inside. The city was in ruins, and everything destroyed or non-existant, except for one building in the center. He walked in and was happy to see food in a large crevice in the floor. The food looked a little shiny, but Cordax thought it was just the light. He bent down into the crevice, and fell in. The crevice wasn’t filled with food, It was filled with energised protodermis! Cordax fell in and was transformed into a Toa. He was shocked to realise that the food was really on the ceiling, and the protodermis was reflecting it. He sat up and saw his reflection in the protodermis. I-I’m a t-toa now?

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