Tribabot A-13b MOS Series 1(tiny)

Hero Series 1

The only one that is “terrorized” by triceratops

Mess with Tribabot…

You mess with his friends!


Nice little robot there. Kinda reminds me of some old game lego had on their site (who’s name escapes me.). For a tablescrap type build it’s pretty good.

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did I forgot to mention it has an evil twin

Not bad. Simple, but cute.

The squad is strong with this one.

More Beast Wars flashbacks. They never end.

Also, I love these size classes you’re using. (Tiny, Small, and Large) Maybe the raptors would be medium.

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I guess so

For which part?

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What do you mean?

You replied to my post. Which part are you referring to?

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The size classifications…
BTW it’s already changed

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