Tribal Warrior Toa Guy

“I have been given flesh to be your tormentor”

He belongs to a toa team who are similar to the G2 toa. They’re summoned rather than transformed. Their true form is spiritual only becoming toa when needed.

The golden mask is, as you can see, a mask, and everything on top is a headdress he wears into battle.

I drew a lot of inspiration from Indonesian culture, but it didn’t come through much. Personally I think he looks more African, maybe.


The foot in his head sticks out too much…

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I love the color layering

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In any particular way/direction or just in general?

I really want the rest of this toa team to be made, this is a really cool concept

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I’d like to make the rest with the other brain attack masks, but, I just don’t have the inspiration or pieces at the moment. Maybe some day.

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