Tridax's Takanuva Collection?

How long has Tridax been collecting Takanuvas for his collection? Was it within the few months after the prime Takua put on his mask/fought Makuta? Or has he been collecting them much longer, and Takua’s true identity was already well known within the Brotherhood?


In Entry 5 of Makuta’s diary from Makuta’s Guide to the Universe, he appears to have not known that Takua would be the one turned into a Toa of Light by the mask:

Takua himself turned out to be the destined Toa of Light, Takanuva.

As this is essentially a private record, there shouldn’t be any reason to assume he’s lying here.

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In that case, Tridax must have been pretty busy within the following weeks, parsing through the alternate universes for the Takadoxs to have built a even a small army.