Trinuma Revamp WIP 2.0 (Advice still needed!)

(EDIT: new pictures posted further down.)

I recieved some great advice last time I posted the WIP, and I figured I’d get some more before I continued… how’s it looking? What do you guys think of the proportions?
Things changed:
-significantly shortened the torso
-Added Kalmah armour to the shoulders in an effort to incorporate more dark red to the torso(and more will be added to the chest)
-added extra nuparu mahri armour to the lower legs
-Liked the feet enough to keep them, maybe I’ll change them, maybe I won’t.
-Added the armour-skirt


Maybe add some dark blue?


Looking great! Just add the other hand.

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I love the leg design. Maybe you could give the shoulders some more armour though; currently there’s a lot of bulk on the lower body and some more on the shoulders would help to balance that out.


@Ozkabot He’s started hitting the gym recently…

Does the extra bulk on the arms and chest balance it out?

@Toa_Radrix Done!

@Toa_Vladin yes, I think that might be in the pipeline, I’m just not quite sure where to add it yet.



I would add most of it in the torso, upper arms and upper legs, and maybe some bits in the rest of the body.

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Looking good, that definitely helps!

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