It’s been 2016 for a good few weeks now and I haven’t posted a single Moc. So let’s start 2016 with my most recent Moc: Triperion.

I don’t have much backstory for this guy yet but what I have got is that this guy is my G2 Karzahni Moc’s son…somehow.

The Moc:

He has 3 heads, hence the name Triperion. He is a reboot of a Moc I made back in the December of 2013 that went by the same name. That Moc had 3 Vaki heads. Man I loved that thing

Back shot

Using his evil powers

Well that’s it for now. Personally I really like this Moc, but what do you guys think of it? Constructive critism is welcome!


I really like this MOC. could use some work on the torso though in my opinion. But hey that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

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I would’ve wished you keep the Vahki heads from before or something, but I guess. Any Multiple personalities or anything of the like?

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The Vaki heads were cool but I felt that the rakshi heads worked better on this scale as the original was much larger and was made almost completely out of CCBS. This is a very different character even though it bears the same name. As for multiple personalities, I haven’t decided yet, probably will have something like that though.

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Looks awesome!

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Very nice. For a three headed creation this flows very nicely. My only issue is the Mata Red, it’s a tad too distracting.

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Interesting design, but I think you use too many colors.

Is it Christmas time already? :stuck_out_tongue:

The MOC’s build is solid, but there is to much red and not enough green and white to go with the heads. Although I guess, since it’s Karzahni’s son, the other heads may have been tacked on.

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Cool but shouldn’t his heads be the same colour?

[quote=“Winterstorm345, post:9, topic:17879, full:true”]shouldn’t his heads be the same colour?
I don’t have 3 rakshi heads in the same colour and I like the 3 different colours. I know that all the heads in the same colour would be better for the Moc but in my opinion it wouldn’t be as good for the character. Nonetheless, thank you for constructive critism @Winterstorm345

I should probably work on the colour distribution. As for the heads being tacked on, that’s an interesting idea. I might use that…