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Those movies were terrible. Even kids disliked them.



I forgot they made Kung Fu Panda
and How to Train Your Dragon
and other movies

Home was good tho

Every movie producer has its ups and downs.

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Ha, very true. I'm not saying that DreamWorks is a bad studio or anything. I actually think that they produce more quality films than Disney does looking at their ratings compared to their number of films. I just think that they have an A and a B team and their B team is more like a C- team.

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I get it, yeah.
They don't really have a middle ground in quality.

I feel like only reason they made this about trolls was so nostalgic parents would take their kids to see the movie.

So here's the first review I've been able to find. Brace yourselves, because it may actually be a good movie. :confused:

IGN also gave Dragonball evolution and Teen Titans go good reviews, so take it with a grain of salt.


Ha, yeah. I think that some of the points made in that review are accepting it as a good 'generic kids film', not really a good film in general. If more reviews turn up positive though, I may just have to see this for myself, even though I'll probably hate myself for it. :joy:

We shall see.

Okey.. hate me for this. - But it wasn't actually that bad.

Too bad it butchered two of my favorite songs.



Of all the new themes LEGO has announced for 2020, Trolls is the only one that interests me. We’re getting teal minifig hands for the first time since Greedo in 2004. And people complain that this was a bad decision on LEGO’s part.

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Other than a few good parts, it’s pretty much a pointless line that nobody ever asked for. I wouldn’t be surprised if those ended up on clearance.