Tronkle Bonkle: Temple Run Cuchanck (Devil Monkey)

Welcome to Tronkle Bonkle, where I translate random things into bonkle form. Don’t ask why.

Really bad mask shot!

In bonkle, the mask would be the Kanohi Krescite, mask of demons which controls all the beasts of the land. This is a normal Devil Monkey which protects the sky summit. In bonkle mode, it would protect the golden mask of stone in G2.
I might decide to make more Devil Monkeys so stay tuned!


The mask could use a little work, I think, and the open sockets on the hands stand out a bit, but overall it’s pretty cool! The bohrok head-plates do a pretty god job of beefing up the arms.

Thanks! The mask is supposed to look tribal and messed up and I agree with you on the open hand sockets. Do you have any recommendations to fix that? Thank you!

You would probably have to do a completely custom hand; maybe try a regular socket/hand and use T-bars to attach the fingers.

Nice MOC! It’s just occured to me; those things look like Grimm…


Reminds me of Harambe lol.

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Yo this harambe MOC is pretty good


Wow! Temple Run and Harambe references? This is definitely an old post! LOL