Tropical Scout

A scout that specializes in traversing tropical/exotic areas. This scout is usually assigned to forests or other humid, well-covered areas. Equipped with it’s twin guns and blades, it is the fastest scout, despite not having a booster.

Something I threw together in 3 hours, and figured it looked good enough to post.

Main Pic

Shooting from a distance

Vahki-type stance.

Using the blades

Shot with the Desert Scout, for height-comparison and just 'cause.


That colour scheme is something you don’t see everyday.

The build is nice and solid; pulls off the robot look quite well. Nothing much to complain about other than the head (its kinda underwhelming but whatever).


purple? 10/10

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I love the MOC, but the color scheme is too Miami Vice for me.


You once told me you hated people who used rare colors in excess, as it felt like showing off.

Tell me though.

Who’s showing off now?


I’ll just show myself out. The door is over there, right?


This is really incredible! I love it! The colours look so good, and I love the gun/sword/hands! I’m not a fan of the eye being red, it might look good as a different colour. 10/10

Cool moc! I wasn’t sure at first if I liked the color scheme, but it actually works really well. Good job!



The MOC itself is really cool and creative, but the only issue with it is that it doesn’t have the green colours that you would expect when you hear the word “tropical”

It’s a good moc, but it’s dwarfed by the desert scout.

Outstanding color scheme! great work on the hands and may I rip off the head? love everything about it!

Mata Nui you’re violent.


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you have no idea…

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Amazing as always. So is this going to be like a series of mocs with the same asthetic or is this just a once in a while thing

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it shall span all of time.

A very unconventional color scheme, but it ends up looking very cool.