Trust Levels

If you can't access the Master title, then you may have been demoted. If you're inactive for two weeks, then you lose the Master title.

Not necessarily the case, but you've got the general idea. If you are inactive, meaning you don't visit the site and/or don't read topics, then you'll lose your rank. How quickly this happens depends on how active you are normally. Generally more active Masters will be able to take longer breaks, while less active Masters have a smaller time frame.

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But I almost visit every day! And I read all new topics and all new posts!

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If you find that you've cleared everything in your New and Unread boxes, consider reading all topics on the Boards.

Check out this topic for more info. :slight_smile:

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But he is gret president.

Sorry about that, @MrBoltTron. But due to the newer Amendment to the Videos category. Video Moc Reviews are only allowed for people that have achieved Master.

My removal of your videos was not meant to offend you. Tis a matter of the rules. Also, please don't double post.

[Thanks for editing that @Political_Slime :wink:, I was just about to :stuck_out_tongue:]

No problem Waj. :stuck_out_tongue: - Slime


Okay, and my apologies for double posting, but I thought that was trolling, I'm really not some sort of a net freak sitting on a computer and reading topics to boredom. But okay, if this how it is played, and I'm very disappointed about this scenario. No offense to you, sir. Just very disappointed.

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And trolling is pretty much against the rules. stuck_out_tongue

Nah, that'd be me.

Y'know, theres a very simple solution to this. Stick around, follow the rules, read topics and post. You'll get Master before you know it.

Thanks for understanding! smiley smiley

Also, that's fine I guess. Though, it really doesn't take that much to become a Master.

Whenever you become a Protector, feel free to PM me or @Political_Slime, or @John_Smith, and we'd be happy to tell you how close you are to achieving Master. So, again, thanks!


Thanks, I guess...

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Don't worry 'bout a thing, pal. Even if you aren't allowed to promote your video content anymore (until you get Master), don't fret. The boards are still a great place to discuss things 'n' schtuff! smile. Enjoy yourself, and remember that you can always post text based reviews!

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Thanks, I guess I'm only going to write and not posting videos anymore here, even maybe on master level, sorry, I'm not in a mood, sir.


how can you figure out how close you are to the next rank?



thx was just wondering smile

Hy there, Bolt! Nice to see you smile

One last thing, sir, and I promise I'm not going to do spam comments. While you use emoticons, don't always use them, especially:

using :smiley: :smiley:

Okay that might be a bad example, but anyways.

Using those emoticons started to irritate me, because I felt like humiliated and depressed how the previous situation happened. Just please, don't always use emoticons to reply to persons if they're unhappy or depressed, just be a proper moderator also, and I don't mean it bad way, just my point how it sometimes also affects psychologically.

Also the point with videos I made and post them before you removed them, I wanted to give a specific details about MOCs. Okay, might be a self advertising also, I understand that, but I'm really tired to write again when I have told details from video reviews. While I wasn't aware about the trust levels that I have to become a master, okay you might remember my thing that I'm not a net freak or TTV freak, whatever. But whatever this trust levels is, I understand that idea, but I wasn't aware about specific rules about it. Really it feels like I have been stabbed from behind. I hope you understand my point, and no, I don't try to say that put the videos back or give me a protector rank or whatever, I don't know. But if that's how you moderators and admins wanted that way, so be it. Dot.


Buckle up, this response is quite off-topic.

Umm, sure... I guess. The thing about it though, is that I just really like using emoticons, and probably will never stop splicing them in with my responses. I am the 'Emoji Knight' after all :stuck_out_tongue:.

Yes, emoticons do have an itchy quality to them /s

I understand that perhaps they could've been interpreted as negative or condescending, but my hope is that user's remember that we mods and admins: Are here to help, not to offend! :smiley:

We may be sarcastic sometimes, but we're genuinely here to help!

We don't mean to offend you by our actions, and to tell you the truth, you may be looking at things a bit too deeply, when there is truly no ill intent or ill will. I know this attitude may stem from the internet's habit of over-dramatizing everything, but hey, I think we're all better than that :smile:.

How does one define a 'proper moderator'?

Alright, good sir. I do try and uphold the rules of these fine message boards, but I also try to instill a sense of two things, in our users:

Fun & Peace!

(Also not ripping off Vash the Stampede :P)

I feel as though emoticons can help out with that overall feeling :smile:.

Alright, I'm going to be frank here (again). Don't take these things too seriously, man. I had tried to calm your tensions, by saying that:

But, I suspect my words may have been looked over, or been clouded by the 'psychological effects' of my emoticons. So, I shall re-iterate: Don't worry about a thing. Calm down, and have fun discussing things on our humble message boards.

Thanks, once again! :smiley: :smiley:

-- Waj


in other other words

you can do your part to contribute to the community, thereby hopefully making your own experience better in the process, by supporting the positive peaceful fun aspects or good vibes or whatever you want to call it

because being a hatemonger makes everything suck for everybody, while positive behavior is almost universally going to have positive results



I just realized I've only visited this site, like, 3 times, because I always keep it open in my browser. persevere