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I just realized I’ve only visited this site, like, 3 times, because I always keep it open in my browser. :persevere:




:disappointed: :persevere: :sob:

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Wait…that has an effect on reaching Master rank?

…I’ve got some work to do.


yup it never closes on my browser or ipad

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I cannot comprehend how some people can actually use the mobile version of this site… :stuck_out_tongue:


I moved 5 posts to an existing topic: The Mobile Site

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I moved a post to an existing topic: The Mobile Site

If i was a Protector and i want to put a video thats not mine do i still need to be a Master?

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I would hesitate from making a topic about a video that doesn’t belong to you in the creative content category. It is ‘creative content’, after all :stuck_out_tongue:.

But, if you want to post that video on a topic, then the video must not be: A promotion or advertisement for a project (youtube channels, podcasts, auditions for stop motion voice actors), or a video review (of any kind, Moc reviews included). As only Masters can post those types of videos.

The video must also be on-topic (so, relevant to the subject matter of the topic).

If you’re wondering what kinds of videos you can post as a Protector, then that would be: stop motions, music videos, and most other kinds of videos that you’ve created.

Thanks for the question! :smile:

– Waj


If you lose master you don’t have to start ALL over again. And Master isn’t just a title. You become a basically unofficial mod, just without the power to close topics and some other things. Master is a responsibility. If you’re not around then you don’t deserve that much responsibility and power.

Nut it would take less for a ex-Master to regain it then for me to reach it. And you’d have to be inactive for a long time to loose it.

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I just came back to the boards after Ten Months quite a bit of time, and I’m getting pretty close to the Master Rank. I don’t think it takes a killer amount of time to get to, just coming back to the boards often. When it comes to the “Not visiting”, I’m guessing that most members who are Masters would have some sort of interaction to the internet during their vacation. It is two weeks after all.

I see this as a way to give the Masters a pretty nice perf for their constant visiting. :wink:


Except it’s missing the actually cool part. The custom title.

Also that’s quite an overstatement.


Okay then, whats the deal with “Beta Tester” and “First Flag” things that show up next to people’s names?

Beta Tester is a special title beta testers got.

First Flag is a title you can get for flagging a post.


I very much agree with this

How come members can’t show what they’ve made in forms of videos if they aren’t masters?
I’m sorry but this is one of the most unfair and stupid rules ever.

No, they can still post videos. Just not video reviews, if I’m not mistaken.



They can’t postTheir own Video reviews and anything that could look like self promotion.(i.e. Games, Casting Calls, etc)

I think this is a way to prevent “Hey! This is My channel it is the Best thing ever and Bye [Leaves, never comes back to Boards]” topics.


This is precisely why that rule exists. As for advertising your own personal media project (which I myself beleive is allowed), I think I’m gonna let @Mesonak, @IllustriousVar or @Kahi handle this.