Trying the Bionicle 2015 Gear Mechanism

I'm not exactly sure to put it under Creative Content or Lego Bionicle for this topic. The design of the 'guessed' gear box did not originate from me, it wouldn't be necessary Creative Content. But I'll put it under that for now as Creative Content could refer to the actual video itself and not the build.

Anyways, this is me trying out a gear box build I saw online. I'd recommend trying it out in case you want to get used to it. I know this is basically the Toa Mata/Nuva gimmick, but I was seeing how it feels with the Hero Factory build. So I recommend it as something to get used to.

Note: I am a little quiet, when I filmed this people were sleeping.


Pretty neat, I like how only one I was able to move.

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I was looking for more parts, but I thought, meh, just one is ok to at least get the point across.

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Nice mock-up!

I'd say this is more of a "speculation" topic than a "check out my new video" thread. I've changed the category and edited the title accordingly.

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That's the build I used for my Tahu MOC up except I used it with both arms. My main issue is that most of the Masters will have shoulder armor connected to the gear box somewhere, and that may get in the way of the function a bit.

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