Just a Toa MOC utilizing some designs of mine.


XT4-Experiment by @LoganMcOwen

XT4-experiments | Lewis Hammond | Flickr


Looks great, I really like the chest


Other than the claws between his legs, i really like this!

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This is neat. I like the color combination of dark green, silver, and yellow and the painted Brain Attack chest piece looks great. How you achieved the eye color is very cool and creative. There is something about the armoring on the front that looks really smooth. However, the back area looks uncovered in the waist and upper legs. Otherwise, very nice job.

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That torso… That is amazing.

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Very nice. The colors are distributed well enough that they don’t overpower one another. I also like how well the armor flows around the custom torso frame, looking phenomenal from all angles.

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Thanks for all the feedback, guys! I appreciate it.

Really nice work. I love how it looks.

The shading of color works fine, but a flaw that I can find is the head; while it’s simple yet creative, the back seems to stick out when not looking at the front.

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Yeah…I’ll probably swap it for a Metru head.

I’m a fan.