TTE: Emperor Eljay's Throne Room

Here’s a pic of the great Emperor @Eljay and his personalities:

Reasonable Eljay as the scribe,
Pessimistic Eljay as the Emperor,
And Optimistic Eljay as the jester.
Please feel free to critic and such!


No book shelves or giant Miru statues but still good

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At least he has a Miru throne and crown XD


The little details really make it.
A grand job…

now, what’d be even funnier is if his crown was also a miru

It has little miru’s on it

I have no words to say to this… But groovy.

What he said.

I see, just saying it’d be even funnier if the whole thing was a miru, but this is funny already

I’ll have to make a full castle with thiose to fix this.


That sounds cool!

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That sound so groovy.

I loved the first TTE drawing, but this just surpasses it in every way. Excellent job!

It’s perfect.
Absolutely perfect.

All hail Emperor Eljay! Does Pessimisticjay shoot lightning?

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This is amazing!

I like how Jester Eljay is jugging Mangosteen.


All hail the mighty LJs
I really like your art style man

This is the reason Tak210 is the best artist on the boards. Your distinct style, great detail, and amazing inspiration.

I couldn’t think of a place to ask this question, so I’ll have to ask it here. Why does Eljay hate Nuparu so much? Oh, and I like the art, too.

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