TTV as Okotans (Drawings)

Hi there!
I drew and colored penciled this over a period of four days (with, obviously, breaks in between).
This is the first one:
I call it “Edge of Adventure”

From left to right we have @Eljay, @IllustriousVar, and @Mesonak all as Okotans!

I hope you all enjoy! (The next one will not be here for quite some time)
Comments and constructive criticism appreciated!


Not bad.
I quite like this.

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Meso looks just perfect, really cracked me up.


Poor Meso, he’s possessed.


@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air I quite like your opinion that you quite like this!:grinning:
@MinusOneEighth I try to implement humor wherever I can!
@Leoxandar The skull spider is causing him to ruin Bionicle G2! /s

Thank you all!


Wouldn’t Skull warriors head have been better for meso? (Just asking)
But these look awesome

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Meso needs a skull basher skull.

or skull warrior

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Skull Warrior, or Skull basher would have probably been better, but Skull spider just came to me first!:grin:

Also, 10 likes in less than an hour! WAAHOOOOO!!!:smile:

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This is great. Keep up the good drawing. :smiley:

Meanwhile in Okoto…

Meso: Well the Miru is a dumb mask
Eljay: YOUR FACE is a SKULL!
Meso: And I’m glad.


Wait, is that Chima in the background?

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This is a really nice drawing! I love how the characters and backgrounds came out, especially with all that color. The Okotans definitely look like the TTV Cast. I could recognize them all.

Cool cool coolio!

That looks great, and where’s @Kahi, @Black_Viper, @Spider-Ven, @TakumaNuva, @exxtrooper, & @prpldragon?


Good drawing! I hope to see more in the future. :slight_smile:

I love Meso’s

Cool concept to go along with an awesome drawing.

I think my favorite looking of the three is Var, especially the way you did the shoulder cloak.

I agree with the above statements that Meso could’ve used a Skull Grinder/Warrior mask. However, the Skull Spider mask works just fine.

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@ltranc :smile:
@Leoxandar It wasn’t supposed to be, but it can be whatever you want it to!
@MaskmakerOfLight I usaully don’t color things but I’m glad I did on this one!
@Sushiyoda Thanks! Thanks! Thanks…io!
@Spiderus_Prime They are currently, in their own neighborhoods (I’m going to draw them in different scenes :slight_smile:)
@LaserKnight They’ll be here, eventually!
@AMETHYSTDONTDOTHATstudios thank you!:grinning:
@OculusNuva Thank you! (Yeah, the skull basher mask probably would have worked better)

Thank you all for the likes (38 wow!), comments, and critique!