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So we have a topic where you can ask us stuff. That's cool and all. But we also have questions that we want to ask you from time to time. These questions and answers are our best way to not only get to know our community, but for you to have a direct impact on the videos and content we make!

We'd encourage all of you to check this topic back up for any new questions we have. This kind of opinion is one that we sincerely value.

So, We'll start with a simple one: once upon a time, Kahi and Eljay came up with a three year pitch for a continuation of Bionicle, post-2010 story. It both wrapped up all of the current plot threads and introduced an overarching plot for three more years, solving other mysteries along the way. In Kahi's humble opinion, it was pretty awesome.

So the question is, would you guys be interested in seeing how we would continue Bionicle, most likely in epic form? Are you interested enough to read it and follow it? Let us know!


I would be interested in that for sure!


I'd rather see how you would rewrite the final battle between Mata Nui and Makuta, in a much more epic way. But I would like to see the follow-up story as well.


Sure, that'd be cool. How long a read is it?


I'd love to see this.


Definitely would.

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I'd like to see this.

That sounds like it would be amazingly fantastic. I would watch/read the hell out of that.

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SHOW US! yeah. it sounds awesome

Show us, I demand it.

We fans have powers Kahi.



That would be great to hear! I am interested to see how you thought it should have ended!

yes pls

Please do. smiley

I'd definantly be interested!

I'm sure everyone is going to say that they would like to see that. I mean, I do. But here's an idea, you guys could start a thing, kinda like Iniv's Analysis, or Autopsy, but with like, each cast member's 2015 Bionicle story told the way they would do it. That way we could see how everyone views Bionicle and what not. But hey, we all know that you guys get a lot of suggestions for things you should do so I doubt this really matters. I really do want to see you and Eljay's story though!

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totally make the epic I would love to read it

Oh very much yes. I think we would all love that. =D

If it's what you pitched to, I kind of walked in right at the end, but it sounded great!

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Yes. I myself would.