TTV BrickFeed Podcast Pilot Discussion

Here’s a topic to discuss the launch of our newest show, the TTV BrickFeed Podcast! The pilot episode just premiered over on Vessel Early Access, so all you awesome people should go check it out and let us know what you think!



You guys started another show? Please tell me this was planned out ahead of time.

Oh, a new TTV series? I can’t get Vessel to work on my Kindle… Is it coming out on YouTube?

No, we did this on a whim. We never plan anything else, ever. Especially weekly shows.




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I don’t even know what this means…
Like, what are you trying to say? We always plan out everything we do ahead of time :confounded:


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Good, very good. It’s just that I tend to worry considering you guys are really busy right now. In short: I was being a worry wart.

@Eljay Gee, thanks Captain Jay… (lol, no hard feelings)

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Sadly, due to a lack of money. I do not have vessel, I watch your videos there all the time, but I do not have early access.

Welp. at least Thursday will be interesting for once.


I’m in the same place as you. :’(

I need to catch up on Ninjago! I abandoned ship after the season with the stone warrior dude…things! Also, two podcasts per week? Thank you, early access!

Shnazzy intro music.


I honestly thought it would be redundant to have system themed podcast after you already struggle to find news on your main podcast but after that episode I can say I was very, very wrong.
Get hype for brickfeed :exx:

I would tell you my opinion of the show,

but I can’t

well, I can’t now

Actually you can, for free, in a week.

Just like every other video on our channel.

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It was pretty good. Would like an episode on Mixels in the future.

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Unfortunately, the comics have several non-canon elements like ninja flying pre-Spinjitzu, Cole being the leader of the team, and several events that are difficult to fit into the TV show timeline.

Which is a shame because I liked the comics.

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Yeah, the site, pilot, and first season paints Cole as the leader, but it kinda goes weird after that.

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Pretty happy you’re doing a system show aswell, though I fear may start spending money I don’t have on little Lego ninjas >.>

Will this happen for lead to other system based things?