TTV Cast (& Possibly fans in the future) in Minifig form

So last night I was bored, and I decided to make a bunch of the TTV Cast members as minifigs. [WARNING: These are all based on personalities and voices. I don't know what anyone really looks like except for Eljay, and he's got a Miru on his face. Inaccuracies are bound to happen.]

From left to right we have Viper, Venom, Meso, Var, Kahi, and Eljay. Once again, these are all based on personalities and voices. So what do you guys think? I'm currently working on Takuma and Exx. If you guys want individual closeups, I can get those, just tell me.


If possible, mayhaps give Kahi a suit. One befitting of a lawyer.


Looks good! Ven, Meso and Eljay look exactly how I'd picture them. My only issue is with Kahi. Like Nyran said, he should probably have a suit, and look more Asian if possible (so he can sue for the Glory of Mother China). Otherwise, good job!

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poor inviticus so left out
poor guy no one even regarded the fact that he isnt in the pic


I was going to start on him after Takuma and Exx, mainly because he's kinda dropped out of activity sorta on the podcast. I have a few ideas.

Brilliant! All those faces match perfectly IMO!


its not his fault he hasnt been active lately he has probably made a couple anyalis vids for after he leaves to arizona to preach tumaism
other words:
blame lifeitis


On the "Looking more Asian" thing, I'd suggest just giving a darker hair color.

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YEESSSS This is, like, exactly how I see them!
Expect for Kahi, though - I usually imagine him based on his BZP profile pic.

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Isn't Var an African-American?

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I had to go back and look at my BZP profile pic because I completely forgot what that looked like

Nice guesses, though; a lot of stuff seems spot on. Ven's headphones and expression is great, and so is Var's. Meso seems a little too suave than he actually is, though =P. But I swear to god Eljay has that exact sweater.

That jacket doesn't really seem my style, though.


I replaced your jacket with a suit and tie, and I'm working on a new face for Meso. Pics will be up soon. smile


So is @Eljay a fan of Blacktron then? :wink:

He doesn't have the shirt, he just has the sweater

Where's Kahi's suit, tie, and cash-money?

Yeah, I figured that :smiley: (this forum really needs some kind of icon to denote sarcasm).


water you talking about

I'm incredisuave



I haven't been active because it conflicts with my schedule, they aim for around noon on Saturday which is midnight on Sunday in my timezone, and as much as I'd like to be there, that's when I'm getting ready for bed because I have to get up before 8 to get ready for church. That's how it's been since Viper joined.

EDIT: And about the Analysis, if I had backup videos for after I leave, I'd also have a lot more that are actually out stuck_out_tongue

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No joke, it's actually pretty insane how accurate Eljay's is.


Only because I know he (used to) has that sweater and I always imagine him with a dirty look on his face. Any comment on how accurate yours is? stuck_out_tongue