TTV Channel Dev Update: 2017 Edition

Hey guys, @Jon Kaplan here to give you some updates on what's coming to the TTV Channel PTR soon.

New Roster

We're updating the roster of playable characters! Last year, we added the "Support" class with @AvohkahTamer, and we're pleased to announce that we're now expanding that class with @Waj, @Cazapar and @Xeros610! They'll be helping us with a myriad of different features and are extremely talented people that will be of huge benefit to the Team Comp.

We're also adding another class, the "Reporters". @JonBlueFire, @Yveran, @MillsyChaser and @Ultimate_TChalla have joined our News Team, and have been hard at work creating the articles that we have on our site! Send them some love, and check out their bios below.

News Team Bios

Topic Balance Updates

We hope you guys enjoyed our Recap Review Winter Event! We've been tweaking the balance for our channel content looking towards a post-Bionicle world. Part of that includes an expansion towards new LEGO story subjects, specifically Ninjago as we are all fans of the theme and 2017 marks the launch of the theatrical movie, which we're all excited for. Nexo Knights is another one that we're hoping to delve into.

Worry not, however, Bionicle fans! We're still looking to keep Bionicle discussion alive. The biggest thing we're doing is a hypothetical Generation 3 discussion we've got going on with the podcast, which we're hoping to include you guys with in terms of weekly polls to figure out what people are thinking. Additionally, we also have a LEGO contest going on right now to build a System Bionicle set.

Character Fixes

  • Nerfed @Mesonak's negativity from 200 to 100
  • Nerfed @Jon's debate baiting from 300 to 150
  • Nerfed @prpldragon's great fanart of us from 500 to 0 (RIP)
  • Buffed @IllustriousVar's comedy series from 50 to 200
  • Buffed main playable roster's friendship from 100 to 500 (Brickfair Update!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the boards didn't work on mobile
  • Fixed a bug with a lack of Bionicle content on the podcast (see above)
  • Fixed a bug where a playable character's face was obscured with some sort of mask
  • Fixed a bug where the major income revenue of the channel was sunsetted (ps hey you should donate to Patreon pls)

Upcoming Features

  • Graphical update incoming
  • Ninjago Event incoming
  • Crossovers and teamups
  • Expanding roster
  • Mobile app for the boards

Happy 2017! Here's to a great year and growing our community ever more!


Dang thats a big update

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Wow. How many GBs is this update? I don't know if my system can hold all of it... /s

Congrats to all the people on the news team. Very excited to see what's in store for this year.


Awhaw yeah! let's amp it up!


This ought to be fun. Glad to be accepted!


Ah man, nerfed again?
Argh, why do devs nerf everything?
ha ha /s

Anyways... Graphical update?
Unsure if that's part of the joke or they've got something really interesting in the works...


This was hilarious



I'm still having a problem where the Boards ask me to press the Any Key to start. Where's the Any Key?



I've been playing this game for years and they still haven't nerfed memes.


Well this is surely informative!

I'm happy to be a part of it! :smile::newspaper2:

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This Pay2Win thing is getting out of hand...


I'm very happy to now be a part of the unpaid labour sweatshop ttv task force


8,5/10 Too much water


I'm sorry.


Wow, sounds awesome! Really excited to see what the news team do!

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Good balances and all, but when are you releasing Sombra?


I await TTV 2: Remastered.

Also, when's the bird friday update?
Promised years ago, and still never came up!
I wonder how many people actually get this joke? ha ha


If these changes are true, it might be time to give you guys another chance...

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I don't think my internet will handle this phat one

So you didn't remove Herobrine?