TTV: Civil War 2.0

I’ve been informed that my previous representation of Eljay as Iron Man and Var as Captain America is ‘canonically’ inaccurate. So I came up with a new scheme…

#Introducing, Team Kahi

Featuring @Venom, Viper, Kahi, Exx and Greg Farshtey…

#Behold, Team Meso

Featuring @IllustriousVar, @Eljay, Meso, Takuma, P-Mann and another member whose name I cannot say lest I receive a thorough banning.

Regretfully, Var got stuck with Eljay again.

I hope I chose the right superheroes for everyone this time -.-

(All mask art by prpldragon)


this is great


Your art comes in very handy :smile:
I’m awful at that kind of thing.

Greg as Vision somehow works, and it looks like he’s holding cans of Mardi Gras.



I don’t know man, don’t you think you should have censored Var swearing at ElJay? They don’t even let swearing fly in the podcasts.

I didn’t think it was really swearing. It used to be a stronger phrase back in the day, like ‘crap’, but they’ve been known to say that in the podcast. I see your point though

@Triple They’re paper towels, and that was the intended effect :stuck_out_tongue:

Edited for Double Post.

Solek on Var’s shoulder…

Ryder Windham…

This is glorious…

Wut? Where?

He’s Bucky.

I dare say that you’re confused.

That’s Merlin P. Mann

Yes indeed.

I got them confused.

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These look really cool. XD

It is in our word filter. I’ll take it down for now, sorry.

Also, Meso as Captain America and not me?


Merlin Mann as Bucky is amazing for some reason

Merlin Mann. I lost it :laughing:

Wasn’t aware - sorry about that. I can fix it soon.
I thought you might appreciate my choice of character, Eljay :wink:


I get the Joke

Its a role reversal of the Marvel Civil War

Cans of mardi gras, solek, lewa. Great job XD