TTV Civil War Rap; Team Eljay

Hi there! As you probably already know form the title of this topic, this is a rap supporting Team Eljay!!!
(If this offends anyone or is in the wrong topic/section, please let me know. Thank you.)
Here it is!

Here I am. Team Eljay.
Ain’t here for the pay.
I’m here to support the cause.
Go’in to fight. I’ll get my shredder claws.
Civil War. Here and now.
And we gonna show 'em how
To fight. To win.
And it doesn’t matter where we’ve been.
We’re strong. We’re a team.
We’ll destroy their evil scheme.
Team Kahi is going down.
They’re nothing but clowns.
And when King Eljay wears the crown.
He’ll make 'em come around.
Eljay will reign forever.
He’s our leader, supreme.
Will Kahi get the thrown? Never!
Never, not even in his dreams.
Me, Eljay, and the rest.
We’ll fight at our best.
When we win, “Victory” we’ll say.
And we’ll stand with our leader - THE MIGHTY ELJAY!!!

So yeah. What do you guys think?
P.S. (This song is just for fun, and is not meant to hurt anybody or be taken seriously)


Those were some spicy rhymes man. Nice job!


Thank you!

I hate rap.

I hate this.

I guess that means you did what you’re supposed to.

:thumbsup: :thumbs:

I am extremely offended. You should feel ashamed. /s

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I personally don’t really like rap either, but I figure this would work best as a rap song.

Yeah probably. I’m not really trying criticize.

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Forgot a lyric.

‘Yo-yo, Piraka



I honestly don’t know how I could implement that into something about TEAM ELJAY

Well the war is over. We lost.

what do you mean “we lost”?

■■■■■■, we never lose!

Also, alternate anthem:
(Translation here:

I read the lyrics, but in all seriousness, there’s literally else to do to win.
“Our freedom is gone and our future is hopeless”

Grabs all the guns I can
You were saying?

gave me a good laugh