TTV Community Game Night: Halo Reach Campaign

Hello there! I’d like to host a community game night at some point, and I was thinking about it being the Halo Reach campaign simply because I think this turnout won’t be as big as official TTV game nights. If you’re interested, we can discuss times for this in this thread.


you only expect 4 people to be interested?

I’m game,
though going back to reach after cold-turkey-ing fps’ is going to be “fun”.

Well, seeing as you’re the first person to post in two hours, yeah. I don’t expect a giant turnout.


I’d love to play.

If only I had the game or the console.


When is it? My XBOX Live is Bloody Recess on one, and Squeaverking1 on another. It’s too hard to explain my two accounts though.

The point of this topic is to organize it. When’s convenient for you?

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Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow after school tomorrow, and goes for about a week. So 11/26, 11/28,29, and 30. My IRL friends usually are on when I am though, and is part of the reason I was only at the first part of the Halo Game Night.

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Hm. How does Saturday evening sound? Maybe 6-7 eastern?

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I’ll try my hardest to be there, or I’m square.

Yes .

I’m busy with a school thing saturday, still not sure on the time, I’ll try to make it.