TTV Community Playing Cards!

So a while back, I saw the Bionicle Card Game and thought to myself, "Why don't I make a TTV Community Card Game?"

henceforth this topic was made.


How to play:

So the point of this game is to earn a certain number of points. How do you earn points? By beating the other person in a battle.

An example of a card:

Each card has four attributes: Strength (Red), Agility (Blue), Intelligence (Green), and Charisma (Yellow). At the beginning of each round, a color will be randomly chosen. You and your opponent then draw cards from a stack. Whomever has the higher number in that particular color wins that round and gets 1 point. The first person to 13 points wins the game!

Example: Let's say I'm in a battle, and the randomly chosen color was Yellow. I draw the above card, while my opponent draws this card:

Since my card has a higher Charisma (Yellow) number, I win the round.

However, let's say that the random color was Red, and we draw the same cards. In that instance, my opponent would win the round, since their card has a higher Strength (Red) number.


How to create your own card:

So in order for this game to work, you need to have a fair amount of cards to play with. This is where you guys come in! You can have your own card in this game if you follow these three simple instructions:

1) Provide a picture that you want used on the card, preferably largish.

2) Give what stats you want. When added together, these stats must add up to 20. (e.g., Strength 10, Agility 5, Intelligence 2, Charisma 3)

3) Write a description of yourself. This can't be any longer than 200 characters, spaces included. Think of it like a tweet or something.

Once you have provided me with those three things, I'll be more than happy to make you into a card.



"How do we play this game if we're on the interwebs?"
Good question. As you can see with the above two cards, each card has a number below the name. When playing an online game, all you have to do is go to, set the random numbers between 1 and whatever the current number of cards is, and press "generate". You'll be given a random number, which will represent the card you drew. All you have to do is find the card that corresponds with that number (which will be made easier once I make an imgur gallery of all the cards), then you're good to go! The randomly chosen colors can be done in a similar fashion. All you have to do is set the generator between 1 and 4 (where 1 = Red, 2 = Blue, 3 = Green, and 4 = Yellow), and you're good to go!

(Note: It'd be great if you kept games out of this topic, since they're more 1v1 and can be better handled in a PM.)

"Good gosh Slime, you're taking on ANOTHER Community based project? You must have no life!"
Yes, I indeed have no life.

"Slurm, where's the next ForeverAloneCast?"

THE TTVPCG! Fun for all ages!


This seems rather simplistic and extremely luck based

Went ahead and made my own.


Sweet! How bout this?;

Vantastic Nick

3 Strength, 8 agility, 4 intellect and 5 charisma

A pretentious scrub that solves everything with improvisation. Doesn't seem to have any regard for social expectations and tends to find himself in awkward silences and ending up sending the wrong signals to women. Tries too hard to escape the void of Villager Rank.

Also you should have stat booster cards to help you get out of a sticky spot or ensure victory, like;

Marty Gras, +3 Charisma


Miley Cyrus, -1 intelligence for opponent

You could have the # of boosters be a maximum of 10 or 15 points altogether.


-Strength 5
-Intelligence 7
-Agility: 5
-Charisma 3

"Nyran Altair, the Sour Knight is an ally of justice, but an enemy of joy. He gained his title for being a notorious "stop having fun guys" kinda guy. His Lance pierces all manner of Flagged posts!"

Take it away, Slurm.


Name: Marendex-T17

Strength: 5
Agility: 5
Intelligence: 5
Charisma: 5

A fairly nice guy, Marendex-T17 is, in his own words, "A decent MOCist, a good writer, and the head of a crack commando team”. So don’t cross him.


Crop it down to whatever size looks good.

Name: Capt. Ranaki Pakewa, Ranaki Pakewa, Randy, Packer, or anything that looks good on my resume.

-Strength 3
-Intelligence 9 (pretentious, maybe)
-Agility 7
-Charisma 1

"Ranaki tends to find himself in the middle of awkward situations. Though he may be lacking in smooth speech (especially with the fairer sex), he makes up for it with a vast intellect and wise words."


Name: RECspiriah
- 5 strength
- 7 intelligence
- 4 Agility
- 3 charisma

"RECspiriah the Fixer of things and Phantom Spectator of the TTV Message Boards. Always ready to do anything sometimes. Also a Fan of many things."


I got bored so I made these:


Name: Middlefingerstudios

Strength: 5
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 8
Charisma: 8

You know him when you see that MoC with glowing eyes, Middlefingerstudios earned his name when him and his friends were joking around coming up with silly names, when he joined the youtube community he quickly earned the name "Master of the middle finger" as he fought his way through youtube comments, defending and attacking those who picked idiotic fights. When he joined the TTV community, he realized that all people on the internet are not bad, and this is where the good people where. He is incredibly active on the boards (unless his computer got taken in to be fixed) and is respectful to everyone he meets, even people who other members of the community do not like. He likes Bionicle, Transformers(not the movies, he disliked those to the point where he re-wrote them and has not done an update in a while), Marvel, and Star Wars. He's also terrible with a sniper rifle


So I have a question - Do people still mainly associate me with the Roodaka screenshot, or has the Cleopatra icon caught on? Somehow I feel like neither are quite right, though I'm at a loss to think of something more fitting. (# someoneplzdrawmeaniconplz)

Going with this:

Name: ColdGoldLazarus

Strength: 2
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 8
Charisma: 6

"Commonly spreading herself thin on too many projects, keeping odd hours for her timezone, and generally acting pretentious, CGL finds it a miracle she's achieved master rank. She’s still a decent MOCist and a good writer, so that's something."


Good point. XD

EDIT 2: Definitely use the Roodaka for now, but I need to find a way to get someone to photoshop it for me to include both the current Cleopatra on one side and the Amazon Slizer on the other, so it looks like Roodaka's getting all the ladies. XD

EDIT 3: Revised description to keep in character limit. This was the old description:
"With a tendancy to bite off more than she can chew and spread herself thin between multiple projects, keep incredibly odd hours for her timezone, and generally act like the pretentious ■■■■■ she is, CGL finds it a miracle that she's achieved master rank at all. Still, she's a halfway decent MOCist and a pretty good writer, so at least that's something."

EDIT 4: Well, it doesn't have Amazon, but here we go - one crappy but functional photoshop I threw together.


I still do

I mean kinda did, but it's still roodaka, and sandwiched between all of the other friggin' community members


Name: Artakha
Image: This. I've used the G2 MoCr for my avatar as long as I've been on the TTV:MB, but that's my most recent self MoC. I'mma revamp him eventually.
Agility - 5
Intelligence - 8
Strength - 4
Charisma - 3

"Artakha is a skilled MoCist, at least in his own mind. He often comes up with ideas for all kinds of stuff, most of which he won't have time for, and he has a rusty encyclopedic knowledge of Bionicle."
^^^Edited to be 200 characters

Idk. Am I known for anything other than stealing the name Artakha and using the MoCr as my avatar? stuck_out_tongue

Also, I don't think everyone is doing the math for their stats right. I've seen some that've added up to 19 and another who added up to 23


You also did the giant dinosaur MOC. stuck_out_tongue


Name: Corex11

Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 5
Charisma: 10

Description: "While he has only started to show what he's capable of, there is one thing for sure. He won't stop until the every last fight is over. He will never surrender, no matter what stands before him." 195 characters


Decided to have some fun with this and make the overlay look more fabulous.

The overlay alone:



it appears that i have been outgroosed

gg guyz

but if anyone is too lazy to make groose version i guess I can still make yours


Meh. I like the cartoonier look.

Name: Lewch, Looch, Lolunch, Lelouch, Retract Kong

"Nerfed to the point where he has no number values."




Once the average TTV commenter StudentScissors joined the TTV message boards hoping for something to do. His request was answered and he hasn't been bored in a fairly long time. But half the time he's still confused.... He also likes Skittlez.

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