TTV Contest: Possess-a-Fig

Greetings, everyone. It’s that time of year again… for a contest, of course!

The LEGO Group were kind enough to send us a really cool package that we’ll be going over in a video hopefully soon. And it’s spooky. And by spooky, I mean it involves LEGO Hidden Side.

Now, LEGO didn’t tell us what to do with this package. They usually don’t. So what we’ve decided to do is two things.

  1. We’re reviewing the sets they sent us and trying out the app.
  2. We’re giving away some sets!

So here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it: Your task is to make a LEGO minifigure, someone who seems like they’d inhabit a LEGO world, use the LEGO Hidden Side app to determine if it’s haunted, then make what you think that minifigure would look like if it was possessed! After that, post your entry to this topic with the minifigures name and off we go!

A few rules:
-All TTV Message Board rules apply.
-You can submit up to three minifigures, but you don’t have to submit all three.
-The minifigures CAN be based off characters that haven’t been represented as minifigures from other LEGO themes, but they CANNOT be based off real people unless one is your sigfig.
-As much as we’d like to open this contest to everyone, the first and second place prizes are available only to residents of the United States. I am sorry about that, and I hope that we’ll be able to allow everyone the ability to receive sets in the next contest.

First place (with all three minifigures): 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000
Second place (with two minifigures): 70418 J.B.'s Ghost Lab
Third place (with one minifigure): Part of a video showcasing all three of the entries and their creators.

You have from today until October 26th, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT. We’ll announce the winners on October 31st.

Best of luck to you all! If you have any questions, feel free to ask and we’ll get to them as quickly as we can. And thank you to LEGO for sending us this fun Hidden Side package!



If this is not the place to ask questions in regarding the contest, I apologize. But what if you have no device that can use the Hidden Side app? My phone is incompatible and I own no other device that can use it. Is it necessary to check if they’re haunted or just make it look possessed?


A few quick Qs for you to A :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Should the minifigs be any specific theme? Hidden-Side-style modern real world? Or something else?
  2. How will entries be judged?

Do they have to be purist? Or are we allowed custom pieces? (Brickarms, Brickwarriors, etc…)


Do we have to make the normal and possessed versions, or just possessed?

Does it have to be a photo of a custom built minifigure or can it be an illustration?


This is the right place! And for this, we are asking that you use the app to determine if a minifigure is possessed, so that would be required and a photo would need to be taken of the app showing as such.

  1. Nope, any theme you want.
  2. How much we think they’re cool, creative, etc.

Yes, they need to be purist. No third party pieces.


I’m not sure a drawing can be scanned, however if you make the physical minifigure, determine it’s haunted, then build a physical representation of your possessed version and draw it in the style you’d like, that’d be perfectly fine.


Okay, I have the app now, but how do I check to see if my fig is haunted? What are you guys looking for?

Because if it’s in the ‘Hunter’ section, I can’t access it, because I don’t own a set!


I’m in a similar boat as you, there is a thing in the bottom right of the hunter section that lets you scan a minifigure. I scanned a stormtrooper and it was haunted, but I didn’t realize they might not be haunted every time. It only seems to let you scan once every 24 hours.

an I’m not even sure that’s the same thing. There’s another icon above it that looks like it also could be it.

Little johny Informant

I know it falls outside the rules


I don’t know what you’re talking about. That person is wearing an HF helmet… doesn’t seem like anyone that I know. :wink:

It’s in as far as I’m concerned.


Yes! Thank you Darknova! Know I know what I’m looking for!

Here is my entry:

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I don’t have any of the more recent ghost figures, but we’ll see how it goes.

Jailhouse Joe!

No! Not State Trooper Greg!

Oh no! Manbun Guy!


Rule never said figure can be digital. :water_buffalo:

From Left to Right:

Kall the Naken Man

Scal the Rebel

Richard the Roleplayer

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