TTV egg!

so I made an egg with the TTV logo on it enjoy!

the front is the logo!

and the back says TTV on it I botched up one of the T's tho


I want that egg.

I'm going to try and make one myself.

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you need wax and other things to do it its complicated stuck_out_tongue

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Shouldn't be too hard.

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That's... That's awesome!

I like how you used the reflection of the sun to cover the messed up T./s
Cool, very creative smile

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1) sun
2) it was a lamp
3) it was unintentional


1)Whoops, sorry.


3)That's why I put the /s

I like eggs, I like blue, I like TTV.

it's perfect!

Neat. I really have nothing else to say.
Good job.

but then you don't like it :rage: /s
but really man and everyone thanks for the kind words :blush:

Good job. Not really much i can say about it.

amazing dude

so I have desided to make more and i want to ask you guys what I should do next

Just give me a sandwich bag and a white crayon.


I vote ALL

Oh and I have a correction to make: The TTV Podcast Member's Masks Egg will, in fact, be multiple eggs one for each member

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