TTV Episode 132 Discussion Topic

I figured it was about time we had a proper place to discuss individual podcast eps that isn't shudders the YouTube comment system. stuck_out_tongue

This is the place to leave feedback, ask questions, and just in general talk about TTV 132.


Why did Ex's mic keep breaking up?

Because he's from Norway. /s

In all seriousness, his remote (compared to the rest of us) geographic location probably has something to do with it.

Simple: a faulty mic.

Very good point. Since @exxtrooper's cut audio was not saved in his own Audacity recording, a faulty mic is probably the best explanation. @Mesonak, @IllustriousVar, thoughts?

That's what we currently think is going on, yeah. It happened again during TTV Talks.



I liked this episode...


Why was @legomaster1378 invited over moi? stuck_out_tongue

when i saw the title of this one all i thought was "oh boy this should be good" we also got to hear @legomaster1378's booming voice, and Ex being remove from the podcast by force

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This made my day. :laughing:

Because I've been on the waiting list for... what... almost a year now? (no joke) :stuck_out_tongue:


I'll be honest... I don't remember this episode at all.

It was released last week...


That's just what I thought.

Okay then. :stuck_out_tongue:

So what was it like being yelled at by Eljay? As in, as a guest, did you expect him to mention you? stuck_out_tongue

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It was... interesting. Though @Eljay did have a good point. Being a guest host is much more difficult when you've been a fan of TTV for years who's watched dozens of podcasts. You're kinda used to just laying back and listening to the crew talking. I actually had to force myself to snap out of that and interject/add something on several occasions.


Note to self: try and get Lego onto more podcasts.
Clearly he's the life of the party.


I dont think that it was the geographic location because i talk to my family in australia through skype all the way back here in america, but it's probably because he has a bad mic, or his PC sucks, like my laptop that im using for some reason.


So in regards to the star wars constraction sets: I might get those for MOCing purposes. I'd love to use the armor in a MOC.

In regards to the Ninjago sets: My god, that dragon is awesome... in my opinion.


... I still haven't seen them. O_O