TTV Episode 192 Discussion

TTV Episode 192 is now up on Vessel! Sorry we’re not talking about the Graphic Novel. Next week. ;-;



2AM upload.

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“prpl-mangosteen-man” drawing…
This needs to happen.
I don’t know.
But it does.

Why don’t I do it myself? I just don’t trust myself to draw something that could potentially be funny, as I would probably make it unfunny.


Welp, time to listen as I make lunch.

:exx:, Holy cow I love this…

This is one of my favorie episodes, I was literally laughing out loud.
P.S. didn’t know they had emoticons so just gonna try them out:
:slight_smile: :mask: :laughing: :middle_finger: greg’s a middle finger…ok :exx: :gregf: nice
p.p.s. did you change the outro music? it’s pretty cool


Biggest takeaway from this episode- NEW MOJIS!!! :exx::mask:

And I thought it sounded different as well. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

Man I remember the waves of zber-whatevertheywherecalled mocs. Kind of surprised it got shut down that quick :stuck_out_tongue:

This is officially my favorite episode!!!

I fell asleep before I finished listening to the entire episode

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No…no you do not.

On a serious note…that thing better be forgotten.

It looks like you guys used the same TJtO slides as the last few episodes.

Also I always order print.

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