TTV Episode 203 Discussion

Episode 203 of the TTV Podcast is now live on Vessel! Interesting things are discussed on this episode, so I hope you all enjoy!



Ayyy Meso is a DHMIS fan! green is not a creative colour =P

btw, Brickfete is pronounced Brick-FEHT, not Brickfietey :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow…this was a totally depressing episode. If BIONICLE’s advertising/media budget has been completely cut, I doubt 2017 will have much story content…

Heck, we’d be lucky to get something like the 2015 animations. :frowning:

EDIT: On another note, I actually LOVE the idea of BIONICLE being rebooted as a System theme. It would allow for more detailed characters (individual face prints/expressions, capes, etc.), a more fleshed-out world (we could get more villagers and side-characters), and overall, it would be more likely to click with the kids of today.

And I’m a System fan, so I have no problem with leaving Constraction behind. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pretty good episode, but I don’t agree with Kahi’s statement that there’s nothing to work with in terms of G2’s story.

If anything, it gives writers an unprecedented amount of creative freedom, the creativity to customize and change that LEGO is all about. Sure, G1 has more of a world built out, but then what’s the fun? You don’t get to make it exactly how you want without breaking something, and you’re basically writing from a near complete world template.

With G2 you can basically do anything, and it’s odd to hear people saying you can’t do anything in a world that you can basically do anything with.


Meanwhile, all of the skrubs on YouTube are still waiting for episode 202…

Fortunately, I can use the link up there and watch it anyway…

Edit: I listened to the episode.
I don’t want System Bionicle. It’s not that the idea is bad, it’s that with the way Lego does things nowadays, it would be a “Tahu’s Flaming Striker” type situation. I’m already very annoyed with Lego’s obsession with vehicle sets (even when I was little I still liked scenery more than vehicles, just saying), and it would just be insulting if they did that to Bionicle. But, if we were going to get sets like “Kopaka vs. Muaka feat. Meso and Eljay”, I would absolutely love it. Seeing System Rahi type sets pitted against Minifig scale Toa would be awesome, with maybe some little temples and huts for structures.


The Artist Formerly Known as Kahi. Huh.

TAFKAK. That’s a weird acronym.

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Assuming the rumor of G2 ending is true, this is pretty disappointing to see happen to the theme; I was hoping for at least one more year (an extension after that third year would have been nice as well). If the theme is ending next year, I hope that we at least get that one last set that was rumored for this fall (hopefully Makuta w/ the MoUP).

As far as Bionicle as a system theme, I think that would be quite interesting to see; I like the idea of these sets depicting locations within the story (thinking back to things like the Piraka Stronghold, Lava Chamber Gate, as well as the Battle for Metru-Nui). Definitely would also be interesting to see Bionicle minifigures made in a similar fashion to the HF minifigures.

However, at this point, I guess all I can really do is to wait and see what happens.

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Ooh, is someone killing him?

I volunteer.


Hasn’t that reference come up on the podcast before?

I coulda sworn it had.

@Mesonak @legomaster1378 I’d like to ask what exactly has been cut? The whole budget, the story budget, or the marketing budget? Or is there a difference? What if we won’t be seeing any more TV ads, posters, maybe even books or GN’s, but yet still see the finale to JtO?


Didn’t they say Marketing? If so, then it doesn’t look good. It would sad me if we never even get the MoUP or a Makuta set. There has been a lot of signs pointing towards it’s cancellation, but nothing concrete.


It really isn’t a no brainer to figure it out. The lesser, soon almost nonextinct marketing and cutting off their availability on this massive scale are clear marks it’s doing badly.

I don’t want this to happen and if Bionicle really is doing this bad hopes of getting an another figure based theme doesn’t look that great either.

Welp, at least we will likely get that Makuta.

On the other hand I would had preferred for you guys to keep it to yourself as the source is all but verified.

To be honest, I’d prefer to be kept in the loop, and it’s not like they pretended it was definitely true.

I can just see that commercial now…

"New from LEGO BIONICLE! The Time Traveling Muaka is threatening the future of BIONICLE. Unleash Kopaka and his cool ice mobile to strike before the Muaka destroyes the time-line and irritates Eljay even more! You can build the three mini-figures, give them their special Toa Tools to defend themselves, and load up on the Ice Mobile to save the day!

Each set sold separately."


For those who find my interpretations funny, I’m moving them to their own topic so they won’t clutter these topics.

I figured I’d mention it in this topic if anyone looks for it here.

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Bravo. That was expertly written. It sounds realistic.

+1 for each set sold separately.


Here’s how I’d market if I was in a situation like yours, I’d have breaks in the episode, like nostalgia critic and in those breaks you put in your vessal ad, audible ad, maybe one for the message boards idk