TTV Episode 205 Discussion

TTV Episode 205: Leaks on Fleeks is now live on Vessel! This week, we’re talking extensively about both the Makuta Building Contest as well as all of the other contests that have occurred thus far for BIONICLE G2. Additionally, we make a pretty cool announcement regarding BrickFair!



Lol I hope the panel will be a BOOMING success.


Man when you said “I’ll be glad I’m watching from the sidelines” or something like that, I thought it was another bomb joke

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I think a good marketing idea would have been to have a themed contest for each mask.
Gali could have been writing, Kopaka could have been pictures, Onua could have been building, etc.


Good episode.
Seriously though. You guys need to bring a talking stick to the panel as a joke.
Boy… doing that interp is going to be interesting this week, ha ha!

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Can’t wait for all the inevitable bomb jokes

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insert nervous laughter
Yeah… Oh boy… Going to have to be careful with that one Ha Ha!

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You got me hyped accidentally ! I wasn’t paying attention to the discussion and I thought JTO 2 was already out!

Either way nice episode :slight_smile:

Btw how hilarious would it be if Bionicle gets cancelled early due to half the budget dying in the Golden Masks for junk contest?


Great episode. Crossing my fingers for the MoUP being released next year with a new wave. Congrats to the winner of the Boards contest!


Twas good.
Hype for Brickfair!

Here’s what I’m going to call the Golden Mask contest. Trash 2 Gold.

I can’t wait to watch the panel. Hopefully they’ll let you back in the state next year.

i really want to see that lime green krata. could i see a image of this meso? anyway yet another fantastic podcast

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I thought it was a shadow leech.

So is someone going to post a potato cam footage brickfair live panel shot vertically on YouTube?

Also is there a separate post dedicated to brickfair?

I’m not sure if someone’s mentioned it yet, or perhaps you guys mentioned it right at the start of the segment and I failed to notice, but there was a lovely little G1 easter egg lurking in that Makuta building contest video:

Remind you of anyone?

“Destroy me? You cannot destroy me. No more than you can destroy the sea, the wind, or the void.” - Makuta Teridax, MNOG, 2001

edit: nvm, Var mentioned it earlier in the podcast and somehow I thought he was talking about the Protector Makuta :disappointed:

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