TTV Fan app

I primarily view this forum on mobile. And I have found that some of its aspect work really well, while some are more clearly destined with a mouse and keyboard in mind. And this brought up the thought of a mobile app putting all the TTV news in one place. It could give you notifications about topics you want to keep an eye on and other none descript stuff.

Just a thought, but I thought it was a cool idea none the less.


The forum software we use was chosen with mobile users in mind; however, there is only so much we can do with it. I'd love to have an app, but that isn't the kind of thing you just make overnight. Currently, we don't have enough people on the forum to completely justify the time that would be put into that as opposed to making a new video. It's a nice idea, though.

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Ahhh so many ideas!!!. Most quite out there, but STILL SO MANY. Wow! {{Scratching of pencil on paper}}