TTV Fan Stop Motion Preview (ELJAY GETS FIRED)

This is just a preview of a full video i am working on. i hope you like it! the full thing should be coming soon....


Oh boy, I started laughing when the familiar faces vine popped up.

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haha. glad you found that funny :smile:

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Looking pretty good so far, can't wait to see the full video!

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Pretty neat. A bit jittery at times, but I look forward to where this goes.

You could use a few more frames, but other than that I think it looks great!

oh my god, this looks like it'll be great


i need your guys opinion. more still images when characters are talking like when kopaka (meso) points at lewa (eljay) or keep doing it as it is?


You need to have a balance of the two. Normal people aren't constantly gesturing while they talk, nor are they standing completely still.

Ok. I'm just about to film some more of it. ill try that out! thanks for the feedback

I think if you keep doing it as is it would be better, if you have a lot of still images it won't look very good, it might even look lazy.

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