TTV Fanart

After all the turmoil happening over the past year, the TTV cast seems to have settled into a nice set, so I decided to draw out a set of character designs for all of the members.

You can probably tell where I had a limited amount of references to draw from (I’m talking to you Kini) but I managed to get everyone in there (even Xeros and Cazapar!). Another thing that was a nightmare was trying to find a consistent image for Phweff’s hair (it keeps changing!)



Looks good!
This is some really well done artwork. You have an amazing eye for detail.

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From right to left:
Kini, Dead, Invi, Ven, Prpl, Var, AT, some-nerd-with-a-mask, Exx, Meso, Haley?, Takuma, Phweff.

Did I get them all?

At any rate, nice piece. Didn’t realize they had so many people now.



I think this is the first time I (or Reidak Miku xD) have been featured in TTV fan art.
Thank you for including me in this cool as heck piece!


Really nice!

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Yup, you got it!

@Reidaku No problem, love your work!

Cool drawing! I especialy like the design of the physical TTV logo…

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Hey maybe one day this will actually happen. Xeros looks epic and I got a laugh out of Reidaku.


Takuma and his love cannot be separated.



All of the characters in this drawing look… Alien. Inhuman. Every single one doesn’t really look like who they’re trying to represent, much less like actual people. Figuring out who was who was painstakingly difficult when they all look so distorted and deformed, especially their faces.

There are a few that have obvious tell signs as to who they are, but if it wasn’t for Eljay’s Miru, Var’s hair/facial hair, Meso’s wardrobe, Invi’s…

Yeah okay I’m pretty sure anyone could tell that was supposed to be Invi

Regardless, I’d really try working on honing on a specific art style and reattempt this particular lineup. I wish I could suggest alterations to the images to try and recover waht’s there, but I noticed you drew it all with a ballpoint, so there’s not much anyone could do.