TTV Game Night game suggestions

First off, a small disclaimer, i have no idea if this will even get through to TTV.

TTV, recently enough, did a few game nights, notably playing Halo, sometimes Dota 2 and AoE. Yet i think it would be good to see if the community would like more game nights and if so, wich games.

For my personal choice, i'd pick Tribes : Ascend because i find it very amusing, even thought i can't aim at all, granted i'm going at 100 mph and the target i'm "aiming" at is also moving at that speed, in the other direction.

  These events will be organized and hosted by the Community and, ergo, TTV might not be present at the Game nights.

Here's the thing: we pick Game Nights generally based off games that we both already own and enjoy playing. You guys are welcome to suggest any games you want, but keep in mind that what appeals to you might not appeal to us. That being said, if you're talking about Community Game Nights, that can be about whatever you guys end up doing. We might join in those, or we might not.


Civ 5. huge map, up to 15 players. make this happen.