TTV Game Nights

So, this topic is coming much later off the tails of the Hawken Game Night we just held. For those that could make it, thanks for showing up! Did you enjoy it? I hope so! It seemed that everyone had a blast.

Now, for those who didn’t make it, this topic is for you! Go ahead and post which game you’d like us to have a Game Night for next! Most popular suggestion may be chosen! So go nuts! Which games does everyone have and would like to play with us?

Eager to see the results!


The new Bionicle IoS game! jk

I hear a lot of people want Minecraft. Which would be cool.


I wish I had a PC that could play games :frowning:


how about TF2

you know that fun free-to-play game that only requires a computer and a steam ID


An informal Minecraft night would be kinda fun; it wouldn’t have to be really recognized as a full one, and that might be enough of an excuse to do something that’s not BioCraft related.


I mean, duh.



I was gonna suggest that, until I remembered there can only be four people at a time in an online match.


Well… I was there so I’m not sure my opinion counts BUT- DOTA 2 could be fun.

I’d be fine with either Minecraft or TF2.

Viscera Cleanup Detail would be awesome.

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I’ll be there for any free PC game like Hawken, otherwise chances are I won’t be able to make it. I assume the same will go for a lot of other viewers.

BTW, I killed Eljay twice in Hawken!

The only things I’d have to say in regards to TF2 or DOTA2 is that, while I enjoy both games, the former would require a server and the latter isn’t very friendly to those who don’t already play it a significant amount.

Heck, I’d like to see Alien Swarm, but we run into the only-four-players problem again.


Minecraft ; _;

I’d like to see more Halo ones. Most of the other games that I own/play aren’t really suited for these kinds of things.


Halo would be pretty fun as well, as long as it isn’t master chief collection. Not may people have that one :stuck_out_tongue:

… I have that one

Haha, ok. I’m just saying they’d reach a larger audience with something like reach hahaha

(I have it too :smile: )

fair enough, you played halo 5 yet? it’s pretty fun, though i want BTB and no smart scope

I’ve played it and it is fun, but I feel it needs a decent amount of work lol. There’s still a good deal of bugs but I suppose that can be expected… but I love how you can traverse environments and I’m glad they balanced the sprint mechanic with the shields not recharging haha. Granted, I wont be playing it again till I get my Xbox Live back when I buy a new subscription :wink: gotta save a bit more money after buying the 2015 Bionicles haha.

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