TTV IRL: Kahi's Horrible Camping Trip Videos

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My IRL friends were bugging me to put some videos up, so I was like sure, why not? These are all like 15 second clips from my horrible camping trip from Podcast 154 (from like 48:46 onwards), so there’s some context for you.

There’s quite a bit more on Instagram (because all of my IRL friends are on Instagram). There’s also like a YouTube channel that has no videos on it that might have some eventually? It’s really more of a video archive for IRL friends rather than an actual channel. I talk a lot about what I do with my friends on the podcast, so I figured I’d let people see them anyways, since I already have them done.


Huh. So this is what Kahi does when he’s not being a lawyer and not working on On Air.

Pretty cool. Was that corn safe to eat? Some corn isn’t very safe.


The farmer said that it was fine to eat, but I dunno. Maybe Christy got super sick and died.


Kahi: Tell us about corn, Aligne

Aligne: Corn…it’s a plant…that…makes corn; uh, the stuff that you make corn stuff out of like…corn flakes…and cornmeal…and…corny jokes

This guy deserves a medal for that in-depth description :corn:


I said the name really fast :stuck_out_tongue: It’s “Elijah”. He’s actually Christy’s boyfriend. Literally just happened today. Fun fact.


This was slightly amusing. 8/10 Needs more Bionicle.


12/10 too many corny jokes


all I needed was the name of this topic

must watch

EDIT: have watched it now Tentception [insert inception horns here]

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Something was in that corn…

More teens die by corn poisoning than by Jason during camping trips.

So in other words, when he’s not being a lawyer :P. #TTVOffAir

Interesting to see how Kahi’s life is, and put some imagery to the story.

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I need to go camping more often :pensive:

The last video: best interview ever.

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I’m actually not really a fan of corn. But breaking corn off a stalk is really great. It’s like snapping a neck, except way easier.

You honestly should! I hyperbole it as the “Horrible Camping Trip”, but it was actually super fun and I would definitely do it again. When you’re with a group of people you really like, all disaster does is just make for a good story. And videos, in this case.

Here’s the rest of the videos, for the record. I’m uploading some more as I comb through them to find the funniest parts.

These next two are the “nightmares” that two of the girls had:

(Lisa’s nightmare is her getting her order at McDonalds wrong, apparently)

Oh, and for future reference: Brunette girl in Dr. Seuss ■■■■■ is Mary Jane. Guy with the straw hat with the corny jokes is Elijah. Girl with the “beer” (Ale 8) and with the weird nursing dream is Elissa. Blonde guy singing “Centerfold” is Sam. Brunette girl eating corn with the photogenic back is Christy. Guy who wanted to play a prank with the Van is DJ. Guy in the blue ■■■■■ who talks about the “tent within a tent” is another Sam. Vegetarian that doesn’t want Cancer is Lance. Guy driving the car/guy behind Elijah in the “corny jokes” video is Luke. The girl who dreamt about the Sausage McGriddles is Lisa.

Oh, and Luke and Sam and DJ are brothers. Luke is dating Elissa. Elissa and Christy are sisters. Christy is dating Elijah. Elijah and Lance are cousins. Mary Jane is kind of (?) dating this guy named Josh. Josh and Chris (both of who didn’t go on the trip) are brothers. Chris is dating Lisa. So everyone’s kind of connected right now.


Did anyone dress up as Jason and started scaring anyone?

It wouldn’t be a good camping trip without Jason.

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I mean… do you speak from experience?

Remember, kids: if it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid.


“I have reeses” Kahi, with the important stuff


Oh yea! I used to go backpacking with my old scout troop multiple times a year. I’ll have to share my stories one of these days…