TTV Kaita NEO: Vemelperexx Dragon


Ah yes, vemelper's back, all upgraded, now onto-

What? Some of you mooks have never heard of this!?

Well lemme tell you a tale...

there once was a young board member, I, who liked RP. During an excursion here I decided to create a kaita fusion as a MOC, and the rest is history...

Taking @Nyran's suggested Idea, I decided more humanoid figure with color-coded limbs would be a nice upgrade. Also added some guys. As for the mask, I couldn't decide who would go where, so I decided to use the golden MoF cause Omega Tahu The MOC itself however is basic and more of a figure with a specific set of parts rather than a traditional kaita, but that's how it was like before. Just more "Meso wearing his friends". The reason I brought this back was because I was nostalgic...

anyway onto who's where

@IllustriousVar/ @Mesonak- Torso

Var/ @exxtrooper- Left arm

@prpldragon/@Viper- Right arm

@Eljay- Right leg

@Venom- Left leg

now onto the MOC!

"He can feel the POOOOWWWAAAAHHHHH!!"


When I saw the magenta claw I thought that was a bit strange, but after reading the description, I now understand.

I was never here for the original moc, but it seems pretty interesting

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Where does that dragon wing come from? I really want one. Cool moc. Very cool.

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the dragon wing appears to be an old Knights/Kingdom piece from a dragon, though it has been with the MOC. Never had any real reason but I guess I can pretend it's due to prpl



the first shot was awesome, and i thought i would really like this moc. then i saw the other pictures, and i started to dislike him, because of how asymmetrical he is and the colors that show up just once on the entire moc. I would at least build the legs the same, and then just make them different colors. also i would dial down the metallic colors, as they just hide the main colors, (looking at right lower arm). the wings are cool, but i think you should add more to the left wing. this is all my opinion though.

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he was far more messier, but originally it was just a Mesonak moc with a bunch of stuff. This MOC is WAY more consistent. Besides the color coding is due to sentai/power ranger mech stuffs by suggestion of a more experienced and way better user than I. As for the metallic colors it's be way less interesting and the fact that it would be less impressive as there's smaller parts and I don't have bigger parts for said pieces. There's also the fact that the cast members have these colors, though no justification for the overuse I guess


If anything, I think the colorcoding works as a great idea.

However some of the asymmetrical aspects don't look very good, especially those wings.

Did you really choose that quote? That's a direct well, technically not, but who cares quote from Overwatch, Mercy, to be exact.

Looks awesome.

It's a nice concept, but the MOC is, ok. The torso is too long, and the chest armor is too low. Maybe make the differences between the colours more contrasting

But no Keanu Reeves