TTV(mardi gras) INFINITY (sort of RPG but it isn't at the same time)(just read it)

Takes place after TTV CHRONICLES, except Toa Dambro is NOT stuck in a cavern that collapsed!

Pretty much if you have given me a bio on your character, just give me the info on pretty much any OC you have. Because crazy things will happen in this story, such as Mesonak being bored, Crossovers to different franchises and so on (Halo, RWBY, Star Wars, Bionicle, Transformers, Power Rangers, Attack on Titan, and ANYTHING ELSE!!!)

This now includes IRL… So, who wants to go to Spherus Magna?

No limit to how many OCs you can put in this, and even OCs from different franchises!


Like Godzilla?

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Okay, I’m gonna join :smiley:

Name: Artificial Toa Prototype 001 (Niha)
Element: No element
Gender: Female
Powers: Enhanced strength, speed, agility, and durability; energy blasts via boot and palm thrusters; limited Iron-Man style flight
Equipment: Built-in Heads-Up Display (HUD); short sword
Brief Bio: Niha is a completely artificial Toa designed and built by Xian manufacturers. She was later bought by the Order of Mata Nui. She has recently gone rogue, searching for something that might make her a real Toa(so, basically, Niha is Pinocchio).


Eh, I’ll join.

Name: Vuhii
Element: Ice
Gender: Male
Powers: BS01 Description of powers a Toa of Ice and control.
Kanohi: Rode
Equipment: Improvised Ice Scythe, Makeshift Eyepiece, Small SMG
Brief Bio: Vuhii was a Matoran that worked in Metru Nui as a Cartographer. He was put into a Matoran Pod during the Great Cataclysm, and was later freed on the island of Mata Nui. There, he continued his work as a map-maker. He was taken back down to Metru Nui with his Ko-Matoran brothers, and there he was captured by an Order of Mata Nui agent, and eventually made into a Toa by Helryx. He has since defected, and is currently living on Spherus Magna.


When do we start?


Well, it isn’t a RP, it’s a story that I am putting several crossovers in from other franchises, that you can put OCs from those franchises in as well.

@Marendex_T17 yes, Godzilla.


Oh, okay

This seems fun.

Name: Dekura (originally Pakuru before Naming Day)
Element: Sonics
Gender: Male
Powers: Sound manipulation, the ability to create concentrated sound fields, launching electromagnetic pulses (EMP)
Kanohi: Great Huna (depicted as Avohkii due to lack of Huna)
Equipment: Adaptive Gauntlet, Disruptive Axe, Shotblade (at times), Sonic Drumsticks (at times)
Personality: Dekura is bipolar; he can be friendly and cheery at one moment, and then the complete opposite the next.
Brief Bio: Dekura was a Matoran native to the Tren Krom Peninsula, originally working as a musician. After hearing stories about the Toa Mata, he desired to go on his own adventures. These adventures led him to meet a Ta-Matoran, who gifted him a Toa Stone. This Ta-Matoran was murdered by Vultraz a few weeks later, leaving Dekura deeply saddened and furious. He used his Toa Stone and transformed, pursuing Vultraz. After stopping Vultraz’s assault on his home village, he met Mazeka, and let go of all his anger. He then joined the Toa Tokawa, and went on many adventures.

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I shall join! With 3 characters!

(I am in the process of making his Toa form, but for now, I’ll just use his Matoran form.)
NAME: Taryukyo
POWERS: Super strength, Fire blasts
KANOHI: Pakari
EQUIPMENT: Protosteel Scythe, Twin katana
BRIEF BIO: Taryukyo was a Ta-Matoran lava farmer native to Ta-Koro. He often liked to explore Mata Nui, and it was on a trip to Le-Wahi that he stumbled upon a Protosteel Scythe, which he used to defend himself from vicious Rahi. Many years later, he found a Toa Stone, buried deep within his Scythe, and used it to become a Toa. He then began to adventure from island to island, eventually encountering, and joining, a Toa Team. (Shadezy, I can haz spot on Toa Takawa?)
And the other one, which is a Kyoryuger O.C.

NAME: Jonathan/Kyoryu Yellow
POWERS: I dunno… the powers of the average Kyoryuger, I guess.
That helmet.
EQUIPMENT: Gaburevolver, Deinochaser Zyudenchi, Mobuckle, Gaburicaliber, Minichaser, Deinochaser, Scythe
BRIEF BIO: Jonathan is the only American Kyoryuger, with half Cuban, Half Japanese heritage. He spent his childhood and teenage years In the States, and moved to Japan in his mid 20s after inventing the Technic Brick Separator for LEGO. Soon after he moved, he met the love of his life, Ruby Rose. (Because you said RWBY is Canon in this) Also, he became a Kyoryuger, helping defeat the Deboss legion on multiple occasions. He is the only Kyoryuger besides Red capable of going Carnival mode, with the help of Minichaser. He often uses Deinochaser as a motorcycle, and can turn it into a full-sized Zyudenryu at will. Jonathan has accumulated many LEGO sets in his lifetime, and he’s so socially awkward that people either find him hilarious or annoying. He also is completely unaware as to the definition of the word “overused”. As such, he makes Hype Train and Shipping jokes (castxcast, and to a greater extent, fanxcharacter) like there’s no tomorrow!
Also, a Star Wars O.C…

NAME: Kyoj Ryun
POWERS: The Force
EQUIPMENT: Green Lightsaber
BRIEF BIO: Kyoj Ryun was a Jedi Padawan in the Clone Wars, commanding the 328th Legion alongside Commander Shadow and his Master, Bakyu Arbe. Once Order 66 was executed, Kyoj and Bakyu went into hiding. Bakyu was killed by Stormtroopers, but Kyoj escaped on a battered Starfighter, and eventually became a Rebel Leader.


Awesome! I think that for the first person entering characters for multiple franchises, it’s pretty much amazing.


Name: Silver
Element: N/A
Gender: Male
Semblance: Copycat: Copies other beings Semblances, however they only remain in Silver’s power set if he continues to focus on them. Once copied, a Semblance cannot be recopied for twenty four hours.
Equipment: Crescent Moon: A large scythe, with rail gun, axe, and machine gun transformations.
Appearance: Tall, thin, and mostly hidden by a purple cloak with his signature emblem of a crescent moon reflected by smooth water on the upper back. Though his face is mostly hidden, it is easy to make out seemingly glowing silver eyes. He wears black boots, with shotguns built into the backs, and appears to wear denim jeans beneath his cloak.
Backstory: None. He’s a shadow. One second you see him, the next you don’t. All that’s known is that he appears most commonly during Grimm Moons, and can be seen on the front line of the defense force, leading some to believe he is employed by the government. Whatever the case is, the moment someone gets too close, he vanishes, blending into the shadows, with the only trace of him being the destruction caused by his weapon’s metal slugs, and the dead creatures of Grimm he leaves in his wake.

And my second character:

Name: Rai
Elemental Race: Lunar
Gender: Male Cyborg
Unique Rune: Copycat: Allows Rai to copy any single physical move, at whatever speed, but doing so tires him out at three times the rate of the original user.
Equipment: VM3 Blade "Hand of Death"
Backstory: Stolen from the streets as a pre-teen and turned into a military cyborg, Rai is one of the few members of the United Futures Military Cyborg Enhancement Program (UFMCEP) who is actually immune to re-programming. Unfortunately, when someone gives you something, and expects you to give them a whole lot back, and then you run off and give them nothing…well they tend you want what they gave you back. In Rai’s case, they gave him a body capable of withstanding heavy machine gun fire and lifting vehicles with no problem, with the thought that he’d work for them without question. And seeing as he’s trying to bring the government down…well let’s just say they want his body back, whether he comes with it or not.

So, what franchise is Rai from?

Well, I’m not quite sure how to reply. You see, he’s a BIONICLE MOC, but he’s from my own story idea. If that’s not allowed, I’d have no problem removing him. He just seemed to be less OP than Ekorak and so I threw him in instead.

No, that’s actually fine. I will edit it to say I’ll take ANY character. Or should I? Idk, but yeah that’s allowed, and you can put Ekorak in as well.

Cool! I’ll go ahead and start writing his entry ;D

Yeah! Can’t wait.

Name: Ekorak
Element: Oblivion (Antimatter, Shadow, Death combination)
Race: Alpha (subspecies: Toa)
Gender: Male
Alpha Unique Ability: Copycat: Allows Ekorak to copy most physical and energy based attacks so long as he can see the move being performed with his left eye. Once copied, the move stays in his skill set for ten hours, before locking, and the move can no longer be copied from the same user again. While in his skill set, the moves drain power, meaning copying multiple moves can be dangerous
Equipment: “Dark Moon” Staff. Can be magically reformed into an energy blade or a set of razor claws.
Backstory: With a back story nearly identical to that of his Prime Universe counterpart, the Empire of Destruction version of Ekorak was dragged against his own will into the Prime Universe by his bounty hunter counterpart. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the device used to take him from his universe into the Prime, the portals opened by it only lead to dimensions it has never opened before, trapping him in the Prime forever.
BONUS! Story Quote:
“Light cannot hide you from shadow. Death cannot hide you from fate. The universe cannot hide you from its opposite. So tell me: What protects you from oblivion?”

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Well uh
The Toa Tokawa isn’t really my creation, I only mention it due to Pakuru’s inclusion. The team is also pretty much full right now (7 Toa and an intern). Sorry, man.


TTV (mardi gras) INFINITY

@Marendex_T17 @LoganDub @KyoryuYellow1138 @ToaVuhii @Shadezy @Ekorak


Meso was bored. REALLY bored. Last Mardi Gras was pretty monotonous for the standards so he decides to try to summon another holiday that comes next week. He cast the spell, but it caused a brief earthquake. He thought it was nothing, but he was waaaaaay wrong. “Exactly” Deadpool said, sitting in Mesonak’s window. “WHAT?! That’s my line.” Meso yelled as Deadpool went to cause chaos somewhere else.

RATTATATAT. The assault rifle was firing constantly, breaking the elite’s shield. “Great, stuck on a ship with pretty much no one else.” He thought. He may be wrong or right, but that didn’t matter now. The bridge was destroyed, engines fried, several large holes in the UNSC frigate and on top of it all, they were being boarded. So, there was no escape for the Spartan III this time…

Meanwhile, trapped outside the walls, a single soldier from the Survey Corps was standing alone. Maybe alone. Stomping became louder and louder as a titan ran toward him.

This certainly wasn’t an ideal position for an Autobot. A Decepticon was holding me by my neck, and no way to break free. I knew what was coming, but it didn’t. I felt like time… stopped? Whatever it was, when it stopped, everything jolted to one side, and the Decepticon dropped me. He was actually a bit bigger than me, but this gave me enough time to kill him. But whatever did that, was now his concern.

“CHARGE! FOR THE REPUBLIC!!!” The general yelled as we ran across the field. Separatist forces cut down squad after squad, but we finally were told to make the final move once an earthquake hit. This was strange, because now I felt the urge to kill our general. But why would I do so? I pushed the thought away as I killed several B2s.

Another guy stopped using the power of the Megazord. Ranger Team B was out helping other civilians recover after the rather large earthquake that hit. Special team D were out trying to find the cause. Who did this?! I’d seriously like to be out there, but us on team A were being kept back at base for reinforcements as well as team C. So, I had nothing to do but blankly stare at my own dark green and cyan armor and wonder.

Two giants were duking it out in Tokyo city, and thought nothing of the earthquake as the two colossus’ fought.

Training was ok at Beacon, until the earthquake. Ever since team Rwby encountered Torchwick last week, everyone’s been on high alert. So, this was the eighth time I had awoken to the school’s alarm system. I wasn’t the only person to be mad, most everyone else was. But outside, was something way different…

I sat in my room building Bionicle MOCs and looking on the TTV Forums as usual, but then an earthquake hit, so I ran outside as fast as I could. I looked up at random and noticed. Several other planets were here. Was that? No way. No way. It couldn’t be Spherus Magna above Earth. This… is strange.



@Marendex_T17 @KyoryuYellow1138 @LoganDub @Ekorak @ToaVuhii @Shadezy @

Mesonak stared at the group he had called together. There was Tarukyo, Dambro, BeefJStag, Niha, Pakuru and Potao. “You all have been selected as the ‘Elite’ team to go and figure out what is going on with those other worlds. There shall be a team to be a maintenance group. You may be wondering how you’re getting there, and I have thought this through. You will be using an experimental hype carrier that is across TTV Koro. May Mata Nui protect you.” Mesonak stated, and walked away. “So… This whole dimensional thing is crazy.” Dambro said. “I wonder what the ship is like.” BeefJStag responded. “Where are we going first?” Niha asked. “Let’s get to the ship first.” Dambro finished. ‘How did I never notice this ship?’ Dambro asked himself as he had thought he’d been all across TTV Koro already.

POW! POW! POW! THWINK! THWINK! THWINK! THWINK! The grunts heads exploded into blue bursts as the Spartan ran out of ammo. He quickly reached up for his knife as an Elite Ranger Team ran into the room. His knife being his only weapon now, having had his DMR(Designated Marksman Rifle), Rocket Launcher and now, Magnum run out of ammo, used it to stab the first of 8 Rangers in the head, and pulled it over to his side to stop an Elite Ranger from stabbing him with an energy sword.

He pushed the body at the Ranger, slightly burning the armor. The Spartan threw the knife at a Ranger coming from behind, Plasma Repeater blazing. It drained his armor’s shield halfway because his accuracy was bad. The fourth tackled him and had a wrist energy knife. The blade almost came into contact with his neck, had he not caught it. ‘This is for Michael’ he thought as he crushed his wrist with his firm grip on his arm. The Spartan kicked him away as it screamed in agony. The Ranger that had the Repeater dropped it relatively close to him, so he grabbed it and sprang up, firing at the fifth one. ‘This is for Andy’ He thought as the Plasma burned through his shield and armor.
He then threw it at the sixth Ranger who carried a Needler, blocking the pink needles that rapidly emitted from it. As the weapon made contact, he stepped backward, ceasing his assault. He picked up the knife that was thrown into the fourth, and shoved it into the Ranger that had previously been stuck under his dead comerade, killing him ‘This one’s for Max’ He thought.

He delivered a punch into the sixth Elite Ranger, cracking his skull and visor, as the alien fell backward. A seventh and eighth stood in the doorway to the hangar, and fired the Needle Rifles they wielded. One needle effectively pierced his armor, but now they were distracted by the fact a knife that killed many of their friends was now stuck in the seventh’s armor. The Spartan had now had the Needler in hand, rapidly firing at the two. As it created a supercombine and exploded he thought ‘For James, Robert, and the rest that died in Jammer Team’ He thought, falling onto one knee briefly to have a moment of silence for the lost Spartan 3s and 2s whose bodies surrounded him as well as many Covenant soldiers. They’d been fighting them, and had held this hangar in the UNSC Noble for about 2 days now. ‘Will I join them he thought as he stared into Robert-545N’s EVA [C] helmet. The Spartan walked through the halls, clearing Covenant resistance as he went.

“Autobot Jet Shade, come in.” The communications cut in as the Decepticons retreated. “Yes, Hound?” I said as the rest of the Autobots in team Midnight chased the Decepticons away. Being second in command of the team, I told them to hold position as Hound, our leader that was with Optimus at the time, contacted me.

“Tell team Midnight to retreat. Ironhide’s team is en-route to your position. We’re needed at command for something big.” Hound said. This was very unusual as our team was usually out in the field for months at a time before being sent back. Now it’d been barely a week and we had been called back. “Would it concern the massive earthquake?” I asked. “Yes, but I can’t explain. Just hurry!” He yelled.

“Midnight! We’re headin’ home!” I yelled. “No way. I told you to get your audio receptors checked before we left.” Night Blaze argued. “Night Blaze, Hound just called for us, and you know that my receptors are fine.” I answered. “Fine, but who’s getting these guys?” Night Blaze inquired. “Ironhide’s team is gonna be here. Hound said that this is urgent.” I answered again. “Everyone, transform and let’s rock!” I yelled as Midnight transformed. Most of us were able to fly, except the team Medic, who was similar to Wheeljack’s model.

At Autobot command, Hound met us in the hangar with Optimus Prime himself. That meant this operation was a VERY important one. “Autobot team Midnight, you may have felt that earthquake. That earthquake happened because we have been brought into a new universe. I am sending you out to find a new planet to reside on for Autobots. Stay in contact with us, and we will be awaiting your return. You all are being given the single most important mission a single Autobot has been given to date. I wish you the best of luck.” Optimus Prime said as we began to load some Energon cubes on the ship.

When we took off, something felt strange, but I put it off as nothing. Eventually, Air Fright pointed out two ships, one purple, but not matching what Decepticons would build. The second was a scorched gray one that barely said “Noble” on the side. “Try contacting them, Swift Ray!” Hound said, excited to meet another race. “No response sir. It seems we’re being jammed!” Swift Ray yelled back. “Autobots! Battle stations!” Hound yelled as me and Night Blaze took the missile launchers. “Fire on my mark!” Hound yelled as the communications began to pick up a faint distress signal. * static * “This is UNS-----BLE we need help! Covenant------- attacking out of no where!” “Swift Ray! What was that!?” Hound yelled. “Distress signal coming from the grey ship!” Swift Ray yelled back. “Get us closer to it! We’re gonna board it.” Hound said as he pulled out his large Gatling gun.

I had been staring upwards at Sphereus Magna for what felt like hours, and then felt myself land on a stone floor. I rose and looked around. I noticed one person in particular, but I had absolutely no clue who everyone else was. The one person in this whole room I could recognize was strangely a person from my favorite podcast ever: Eljay. I could tell because he was wearing a golden mask, a red plad ■■■■■, and blue jeans. Why was I here with all these people? How did I get here? Do you ever wonder why we’re here? All this and more on the next episode of… Wait, mind, slow down. You’re going waaaaaay too fast right now. I thought slower

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