TTV Member MOCs

I've been trying to analyze fan-videos with the TTV Podcast members' character's in them, but I can't seem to find consistent models. Are there official instructions/piece counts anywhere? And if so, where can I find them? I know I should look for a Gold Miru for Eljay, and Zaktan for Viper, but what about models like Meso? And I don't even know if Var or Invictus -have- MOCs. Help? stuck_out_tongue

Wait for MakutaFest. That's all I have to say. =P

Venom and Eljay also have some group MOCs that I'm sure they'll post at some point...but yeah, as of right now, wait for MakutaFest.


I see. Well, I'll be on my mobile while watching MakutaFest, so I may miss it during the live show. I might look for it afterwards though.

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Meso MoC's usually have either a Piraka Skull, with 2 black bohrok eyes as horns and blue eyes, or a black Hau with Gold/Keetorange and Black Armor. Var has a black kakama with a red slash on the right side and has White and Black Armor. Invi usually has a Silver/Grey Akaku Nuva and a cape. Kahi is Red/White with the Calix (Jaller Inika's Mask), Ven usually is Blue/White with a blue Great Ruru. Brickshelf has a bunch of their MoCs made by fans/TTV over the years if you need a reference!


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I have decided to take it to my responsability to make viper a female Zaktan moc since there arent any out there...yet. Lets see how long it can take.

That'll be interesting. xD

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I was thinking about building something that resembled the MOCs seen in the TTV stop-motion Ven did and filming them. The trouble for me is that I don't have any of their masks.

You can always do what I plan on doing and tape their names in front of their faces so that you don't have to build perfect MOCs.

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